10 Distinctive Instagram Function Concepts That Will Assist Individuals See Your Channel

Move over TikTok, Instagram roles are here – and they want to make a splash.

Instagram's response on TikTok, which was released in late 2019, has received mixed responses from developers, influencers, and brands. But well-known companies like Sephora, Walmart and Beardbrand are already on board.

what does that mean to you? Instagram Reels is another great way for your brand to grow engagement and awareness on an already popular network. By creating roles now, you have the opportunity to leverage the potential early on.

We want to help. Below are some of the best Instagram role ideas that can help you speed up the creative process.

Tip: Instagram reels are still pretty new to the scene. Make sure you know exactly how they work with our article. Everything you need to know about Instagram roles

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10 Instagram Role Ideas To Drive Engagement

Here are just a few Instagram role ideas to get you started. Feel free to get creative and make them unique to you and your brand.

If you come up with new ones, leave a comment below that we may add to the list!

Create instructions (bonus points if it is strangely satisfactory)

How-to videos are the best practice for generating engaging content. And Instagram reels are the perfect place to implement them.

Here's a great example of a creator showing us how to improve our ramen game:

Here is another great example of a creator showing viewers how to harvest sunflower seeds:

Not only is it informative, but oddly enough, it's satisfying in a way that draws tons of viewers.

Think about how your brand can create educational guides for your audience as well.

Go behind the scenes

This is a close relative of the how-to-reel. A great way to get your audience involved is to show them what's going on behind the scenes at your company.

This humanizes your brand and gives your audience an interesting insight into how you are creating a product or providing a service.

Show an animal that literally does anything

It's no secret that the internet loves cats and dogs. What is there not to love?

A perfect way to take advantage of this is to feature a cat or dog that will literally do anything. Seriously, you don't have to do much and people will eat. It. Above.

Do you have an office dog who always asks for food at lunch? That's a role. Do you have a cat that keeps jumping on your back while spinning yoga tutorials? That's a role.

Here is an example of a daring cat who isn't afraid to get its paws wet:

Tip: somehow involve an adorable baby and you have the ingredients to make an awesome Instagram role.

This is a perfect opportunity to showcase your office animals too! And don't they deserve a little love from the internet?

Do a prank

Prank videos get a bad rap – and for good reason. The cruel are mean and nobody really enjoys them.

There is nothing wrong with a harmless prank, however. In fact, not only is it a great way to have fun with people around you, but your audience might find it funny too.

Here's a good friend who makes it difficult for his mate:

Warning: Don't perform the prank if it is malicious and cruel! This could have the opposite effect. Nothing is more embarrassing than yelling, "It's just a prank, brother!" If you kick your butt six ways by Sunday because a prank went wrong.

Improve the FOMO

FOMO stands for "fear of missing out" and is a powerful way to get your viewers to watch and like your videos.

And you can improve people's FOMO in many ways. For example, you can show some unique (and delicious) eating experiences:

Or you can take them to new and exotic locations (as long as you don't violate local COVID-19 restrictions):

Think about how you can do the same with your Instagram role. Does your company require you to travel a lot? Maybe you can visit a lot of cool museums or buildings? Or can you meet a big name, famous people that you can put in your role?

Show your talents

Instagram Reels and TikToks are filled with niche accounts where people can show off their incredibly unique and specific talents and interests. And you can too!

They usually show work in progress. For example, this creator paints a portrait:

Or this creator who pulls strangers into the subway:

It doesn't have to be art either. Here is a creator who has some crazy good gymnastics skills:

Maybe there is someone in your office with some cool talent that you could show off. This is another great way to humanize your brand while delivering engaging content.

Hit the slow motion

As with TikTok, Instagram Reels lets you choose the speed setting of your video. It ranges from slow (.3x speed) to fast (3x speed).

However, often the most eye-catching videos are those that use the slow motion feature. For example, here is this creator showing off his crazy cool snowboarding skills:

This also offers a lot of opportunities to be creative. Here's a great example from a Creator showing us what it would be like if humans could just fly anywhere:

There is, of course, one caveat to this: not everything should be slowed down. Only do this if there is something uniquely cool that can be improved if you slow it down.

Change of outfit

A video trend that can be found all over Tik Tok and Instagram Reels is musical outfit changes. Not only is it fun to watch, but it also gives you a chance to show off your amazing style.

These videos are also very cleverly edited, as shown here on the University of Iowa Instagram roll:

Do you notice how several people have been implicated in this? Maybe it's a great way to include your team in an Instagram role too!

(Disclaimer: We are not responsible if your team resents you for making a series of outfit changes for a single Instagram role.)

Show the blunders

Let's face it: mistakes happen … a lot. This is especially true when trying to record audio and / or video.

Instead of getting upset when these mistakes happen, embrace them! They can actually be great fodder for new Instagram reels ideas.

Here's a great example from a creator who showed us what happened when a video recording didn't go according to plan:

The lesson here: Good content can be found everywhere – also in our "mistakes".

To dance!

TikTok and Instagram reel dances are some of the most tried and tested video ideas. It gives you a chance to jump on trends and show off your crazy dancing skills.

Here is a good example:

Or this example of a creator from the Cree Nation giving viewers a glimpse into his culture:

There are a ton of different viral dances you can do too. Spend some time going through both TikTok and Instagram to find some dances to do.

And if they're overly complicated or you can't find one you like, just make one up! Who knows? You could be the one starting an entirely new Instagram reel trend.

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