20 trip e mail topic traces to encourage pleased messages

This is the season to tweak your email subject lines. Here's our checklist to make sure your subject lines get noticed this season. Plus, you'll find 20 examples of real brand festive subject lines.

The holiday shopping season is in full swing! And that means everyone is looking for the best deals from brands they love.

But shopping might look a little different in 2020 than it was in the past of the year. Instead of shopping at brick and mortar stores this year, many could use the internet as their preferred shopping method.

In fact, many holiday promotions have already started. And people are already scouring their inboxes for the best deals.

How can you compete for attention in subscriber inboxes during this busy online shopping season? Add a dash of vacation joy to your emails!

To inspire your own happy messages this holiday season, we've rounded up our top 20 most popular email subject lines from real brands. It also gives you tips on how to write your own festive subject lines.

How do I write festive subject lines for vacation emails?

Make sure your email gets noticed in a crowded inbox this season.

Don't miss this lucrative opportunity to get in touch with your subscribers, whether you're doing a special promotion or just sending a little holiday cheer.

Here's our checklist to make sure your next email subject line is ready for the vacation:

Highlight your offers

Everyone loves savings. If you have a special sale, mark it in your subject line.

Offering a special gift or promo code to email subscribers can help keep them engaged during the holiday season.

However, your gift doesn't have to have cash value to be successful. Why not give them your latest e-book or video course for free? Learn more about creating incentives that people love.

Understand your subscribers' vulnerabilities

Knowing how to get your subscribers' attention is a lot easier when you understand their vulnerabilities. As you compose your quote and vacation email messages, consider the following questions:

  • Who do your subscribers shop for? For yourself or for others?
  • Are your subscribers limited in time?
  • What help do you need this season?

When you understand the colors of your subscribers, you can position your offering as a solution. Not sure where to start? Learn how to find your customers' vulnerabilities.

Bring the holiday cheer

Getting a little "punny" or referring to classic Christmas sayings will put a smile on everyone's face at this time of year. Here are some ideas to make your subject lines extra enjoyable.

  1. Puns. They are fun to write and read. Word games are almost guaranteed to give your readers a little delight. Word games are a great way to add some humor to your subject lines. Case and point: I laughed out loud as I read subject lines # 5 and # 8 below. Get more inspiration on this list in Country Living.
  2. Classic Christmas references or songs. Who doesn't love Christmas music this time of year? Reference popular sayings or pop culture in your subject lines to instantly see that your email is related to vacation savings.
  3. Emojis. Add that extra flair to your vacation email subject lines with emojis. We found that 6.9% of subject lines use emojis. So if you include one it can make all the difference that will make you stand out in the inbox.

Use power words in subject lines

Some words encourage more action than others. The next time you want to see great engagement from your subscribers, try using one of these 8 main words:

  1. Now
  2. She her
  3. Many thanks
  4. New
  5. Easy
  6. And
  7. Free
  8. [Enter the name of the subscriber here.]

Learn about the top performing words to use in your email campaigns.

20 inspirational examples of vacation email subject lines

Get inspiration from real, recognizable brands with these 20 vacation email subject lines:

  1. Instacart: Check your vacation shopping list with Instacart gift cards
  2. Toms: Your vacation style guide ???? | 35% discount ends tonight
  3. Francescas: Last chance to get it under the ???? for a 50% discount!
  4. Groupon: Vacation stress? How about a nice massage?
  5. Bed bath in addition: ???? 5 most wanted gifts at prices that YULE loves.
  6. Dollar Shave Club: This gift is great for people with follicles
  7. Drybar: It's the season for blowouts!
  8. Michaels: Happy haul days! Fill your shopping cart with daily offers
  9. Trek Bicycle Store: Win the holidays with our most popular gifts
  10. Wine Insider: 40% discount to be one step ahead of the holiday frenzy
  11. BroadwayBox: A cure for your post vacation blues
  12. Target: 2 days until Christmas & do you still need to shop? We can help.
  13. Paper source: Pack your holiday shopping ????
  14. J. Crew: Imagine a world where all of your vacation shopping is done early …
  15. M.Gemi: Shimmer or Shine? 4 shoes to embellish your vacation
  16. Greetabl: Consider these STUFFED stockings
  17. Decorator: Warning: the holiday season is here, is your home ready?
  18. Bombas: Happy, bright and so colorful
  19. Karma Baker: Still need a cake for Thanksgiving?
  20. JetBlue Vacation: The Black Friday Sale: Up to $ 400 Off

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