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The Importance of Backlinks in SEO

Dec 30

Did you know that a page that ranks first has up to 6 times more backlinks than one that ranks tenth?

Backlinks are essential in any SEO positioning strategy, something that every website needs. How are you going to get your page to stand out if not? There are over a billion active websites, the competition is fierce!

To position a website you have to do two things with respect to backlinks: get them and control them. Have you done your homework? No? Let's start by clarifying the most basic to finish with a series of tips for your backlink strategy.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links that point from another website to a certain page, they are also known as inbound links. Backlinks have a great impact on the positioning of a website, and are one of the most powerful resources to improve the ranking of a page in search results.

Links can come from anywhere on another website, even from comments. Its function is to enrich the information offered through a web resource. But its effects go much further.

Suppose I have a blog about healthy eating and I have written a post talking about the nutritional virtues of avocado. Soon after, that post is linked from another cooking recipe blog, specifically from a stuffed avocado recipe.

The person who links my article does so spontaneously, to expand the information that she offers to users. But Google and other search engines will interpret something like: "see if there is relevant content here that other users link to from their domains to display it."

And therein lies the crux of the matter. When Google "thinks" that about a website, its positioning improves powerfully.

But, beware! Google does not value the links themselves. What is valued is, on the one hand, the ability of the backlinks to improve the information offered to the user, and on the other, the trust that the webmaster who links our resource shows towards our site.

So, for any webmaster it’s important to get high-quality backlinks. In addition, it’s also important to make sure that the links are permanent, don’t get changed or deleted. However, not always you can check them manually one by one, especially when you have a huge amount of links

Here come in handy different SEO tools that allow to check the links automatically. There is also in the SEO market. This tool not only allows to check all your links, get the link status, external links and anchor texts, rel, domain data, such as the DA, PA, etc., but it also allows you to track your links and in case of changes, notifies you, so you can take an action and fix your link.