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What Does a Goldsmith Do

Jun 17

Gemologists work with a spacious variety of precious gemstones. They grade and evaluate their authenticity, color, clarity and weight. They also determine whether a gemstone is natural or synthetic and if it has been treated to change its appearance. They also identify the country of origin and other characteristics through a series of tests using a number of tools, including a microscope, a refractometer, a polariscope and more.

In addition to gemological lab work, many gemologists work in retail jewelry stores. These professionals help customers find the best gemstones for their budget and preferences, as well as Jewelry Repair. They must be able to quickly distinguish between natural, synthetic and look-alike gemstones, and provide educated answers in a high-pressure sales environment.

Other gemologists work for jewelry manufacturers. They must be able to create original jewelry designs that incorporate the appropriate gemstones for each piece. This requires extensive knowledge of the properties and characteristics of gemstones, as well as an understanding of how different gems are created through methods like cutting, polishing, and tumbling. Gemologists working in this field can often advance to lead designer positions.

Some gemologists choose to specialize in a particular area of the industry, such as diamonds or colored stones. They can further hone their skills by taking additional classes or training programs. Depending on their specific interests, they may also take gem faceting courses or learn how to make jewelry. This can help them become a gem cutter or lapidary and offer them a more hands-on career option.

Gemology is an ever-evolving industry, and gemologists need to stay on top of new discoveries in the world of precious stones as well as advancements in testing techniques. This means attending seminars and workshops, networking with other gemologists and jewelry industry leaders, and participating in professional associations to keep current on the latest trends, research and developments.

For a more hands-on and creative role, gemologists can also choose to be bench jewelers. This allows them to create unique pieces of jewelry that express individual style and personality. For example, a gemologist might redesign an engagement ring or a piece of heirloom jewelry to reflect the wearer’s lifestyle and personal values. This can be a very fulfilling career for people who are passionate about the value and beauty of a precious gemstone.

Those who love to travel and stay abreast of the latest gemstone jewelry trends can consider a career as a wholesale gemologist. These professionals select gems from locales around the globe and then import them for resale to jewelry retailers. They must be able to recognize what is in demand and stay ahead of the curve to ensure that their inventory always includes the hottest items. Those with a knack for business may even be able to start their own jewelry company.

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