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3 Tips for Social Media Marketing

Mar 20

3 Tips for Social Media Marketing

Social media is the new town square - it’s where everyone hangs out. If you are like most businesses, you know you need to focus on social media marketing and create a strong digital strategy plan to reach your target audience, build your brand and get more sales! Here are three tips I share with all of my small business clients who want to handle their own their social media marketing. .

  • Be Consistent
  • Use Video
  • Focus on One or Two Platforms

Tip One: Be Consistent

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to posting on social media. Every social media platform has an algorithm, basically feeding people what they want to see and engage with. What does this mean for you? Simple - it means, the more social you are, posting on platforms, commenting on posts, and engaging your audience, the more the algorithm will reward you and push your content up. This cycle can work in your favour to build brand awareness. 

The opposite is true, however. If you are irregular with your posting, it will show the algorithm that you don’t actually have too much to say, and therefore, limit your reach. 

Tip Two: Use Video

Video is king when it comes to content. Each day, people watch millions of hours of social media videos. This means that you need to implement video marketing into your social media marketing plan. Videos are a great way to connect with your target audience and build a relationship with them, as well as increase engagement across the platform. The goal is to keep audience members entertained and engaged with your brand in a simple and easy way.

The best part is we all have a great camera in our back pocket! Every smartphone has an incredible camera, so start using it! Walk through your day, answer frequently asked questions, or show a new product using video. Using video is a great way to show off your personality!

Tip Three: Focus on One or Two Platforms 

I swear, every month a new social media network pops up. While it’s great to be everywhere at once, in practicality, it’s very difficult. Instead of randomly posting to each and every platform available, focus your marketing efforts on one or two platforms, and do it very well. Creating content for the platforms you know you can handle will help keep you consistent, and also, will give you chance to perfect your message. By focusing on only one or two platforms, you will learn how to use it effectively, generate appropriate content and have a better chance at being successful. Once you get traction and feel like you have a great handle on the platform, start experimenting with others. 

Of course, the easiest thing to do is hire a social media marketer like me to worry about all of this! If you want to build your digital presence and grow your brand, contact Purple Bean Media.