4 tools to use in place of Facebook Analytics

We become real with you: When your company is on Facebook, You need to use Facebook Analytics. Point.

If you don't collect data and insights from activity on the platform, you will never maximize your impact on the 1.62 billion daily users of the social network.

When using Facebook for business, it's important to take a structured approach that connects your social media activities with real business goals. Facebook analytics provides valuable information that you can use to track and measure your results, so you can refine your strategy and measure your return on investment.

Understanding how and when people interact with the content you post on Facebook is also an important way to ensure that the Facebook algorithm is working for you, not against you.

Facebook is discontinuing its official Facebook Analytics tool ab tool June 30, 2021, but the platform offers many other opportunities to gather valuable information and insights. And we're here to show you how to make the most of everyone. (We also have suggestions for other tools like Hootsuite that can help you track your Facebook performance along with other social networks.)

Here are the essential Facebook analytics tools you will need to maximize your business on Facebook, as well as the top metrics that matter.

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Facebook analytics tools

While Facebook Analytics (with a capital A) may close, fear not. There are still three in-platform ways to access critical data and insights: Facebook Business Suite, Creator Studio, and Facebook Insights. And of course, Hootstuite's own social analytics for Facebook are there when you need them. Let's dig in.

Facebook business suite

Since Facebook will discontinue Facebook Analytics on June 30, 2021, they encourage users to switch to the Facebook Business Suite, if available.

Facebook Business Suite is a one stop shop to manage all of your connected accounts on Facebook and Instagram. All of your Facebook business tools live here; This is where you manage all of your Facebook marketing and promotional activities.

And if you're looking for insights into the results of your organic and paid social media on Facebook (and Instagram too!), You can find it here in the Insights section of the Business Suite.

Here you can see metrics, trends and visual reports that will help you gain insights into your overall account or individual posts. These findings could include …

  • Engagement, including likes and comments
  • Demographic information about your followers
  • Reach of your Facebook page

Note that Business Suite is being introduced to replace Business Manager and may not yet be available in your region. To access the Business Suite, simply log into the Facebook account associated with your company. If you are authorized, you will be redirected to the Business Suite on the desktop when you go to business.facebook.com.

Creator Studio

Creator Studio is a division of Facebook specially designed for content creators and brings together all of the posting, tracking, management and monetization tools in one place. Creator Studio is also the easiest way to find out what new features or monetization opportunities you may be eligible for.

The Insights tab contains a number of metrics that can give you information about the performance and reach of your content, pages, and earnings.

With Creator Studio, you can access insights such as …

  • New followers (and unfollowers!)
  • Impressions, reach and engagement
  • A detailed breakdown of your viewers and followers
  • Loyalty and achievement

You can find more information about Insights in Creator Studio here.

Facebook insights

Is it annoying that Facebook calls everything “Insights” on its website? Yes yes it is. But here we are: on the Facebook Insights page buried in Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Insights page

This is where you can review content insights, overarching traffic trends, and incredible details about your audience. That way, you can get a clear picture of who is following, watching, and liking your content.

This tool can help you dive deep into your audience so they can learn how to effectively target your Facebook ads and organic content.


While things may be turned upside down on Facebook right now as it reshuffles its analytics tools, analytical tracking remains the same on Hootsuite.

Users can still track their Facebook performance along with all of their other social networks through the Hootsuite dashboard.

Hootsuite Analytics gives you a complete picture of all your social media activity in one place. This simplifies your social media analytics work. It saves time and makes it easy to compare aggregated results across networks.

You'll see key metrics for each of your social media posts, including:

  • Clicks
  • Remarks
  • To reach
  • Shares
  • Video views
  • Video reach

You will also see metrics for each of your profiles, including follower growth over time. You can select the metrics that are most important to you in order to see all relevant results at a glance.

You can also make suggestions for that best time to post based on the past performance of your account.

Fans online per hour

5 reasons to follow Facebook Analytics

Understand performance

How do you know what worked and what didn't? You have to look back.

Not only does this give you the opportunity to pat yourself on the back for successful campaigns – it is information that will help you understand the direction in which your strategy should be headed for the future.

What types of content did you regularly like? Why didn't 40 people follow you last Wednesday? It's important to see the cold, hard facts about your account in order to learn, grow, and make your Facebook presence as impactful as possible.

Content from Facebook Insights


If you have stakeholders or just a few curious coworkers who want to see a snapshot of how things are going on Facebook, the reporting tools come in very handy.

Export graphical PDFs, spreadsheets or charts from the analysis tool of your choice to share clear and concise results and trends.

Trends Facebook page reach and Instagram reach

Understand your audience

Perhaps you have decided to address a specific target group with your campaign, your content and your branding. But you won't know if you're actually connecting to them unless you check.

Facebook's treasure trove of data helps identify exactly who is interacting with and following your content with demographic and geographic data that covers age, gender and location.

Facebook audience demographics

When is your audience online? Do you have a surprising number of followers from Germany? When you have the answers to these questions, you can either refine your content to reach the audience you want or tailor your strategy to better engage the people who tune in.

Optimize your site

Facebook page analytics can show you what actions people are taking on your website, from interacting with posts to clicking on your contact information to clicking through your website.

How do these actions align with the goals of your Facebook marketing strategy?

How can you refine your page to steer it in the direction of your preferred actions? Perhaps you should consider changing your call-to-action button. You may need to change your pinned post. Think about what you really want people to do on your side. Then use Page Insights to see which of the possible actions on your page people are engaging with the most.

Schedule your posts at the best times

Of course, there are general suggestions for the best times to post on Facebook. However, the best time to post depends on your specific audience.

Having the data on when your followers are most likely to be online is incredibly helpful for scheduling posts, especially when you combine that information with a planning tool like Hootsuite.

best time to schedule posts on facebook

Important Facebook analytics metrics

Your audience will interact with your brand in so many different ways on Facebook: they can visit your page, click on an ad, buy tickets to an event, or interact with a live video.

In addition to the overarching Facebook analytics tools mentioned above, it's important for marketers to understand the unique behavior, engagement, and demographics behind each of these digital spaces and activities.

Insights on Facebook pages

If you look at your Facebook Page analytics, you can reveal a wealth of information about what audience clicks … and what doesn't.

To reach

How many people saw your posts? Who interacted with them? What posts did people hide? Have posts been reported as spam?

Achieve contribution

Post types

What kind of content appears: links, videos, text-based posts, or photos? Measure reach versus engagement to get a compelling picture of what your audience is clicking.

Post types link the photo status


This tab not only keeps track of how many page views you are getting … but also who is viewing your page.

Total number of people who viewed your page

Insights into the Facebook audience

In Facebook Insights, you can check in your current audience as well as custom potential audiences.

Insights into the Facebook audience


You see the top cities and countries for your audience so you can understand where the likes and followers are coming from.

Age gender

The breakdown by age groups and proportions of women and men (unfortunately no statistics for non-binary folx at the moment) is also visible here.

Analysis of Facebook ads

The Ad Manager allows you to view all of your Facebook campaigns, ad groups and ads, make changes and see results.

Facebook advertising manager


How many people saw your ad? This number is important to compare to the actual number of clicks or interactions. If they see you but don't follow your CTA, then what could possibly have gone wrong?

Cost per result

To measure the ROI of a campaign, this data is key to finding out how much money you got for your money.


The breakdown tool allows you to see the age of your audience, where they see your ads from, and whether they are on mobile or desktops.

Facebook group analysis

Facebook groups are a great way for brands to build fan communities – and an even better way to use your group's admin tools to gather data on who your most passionate followers are. Data like …

Top provider

Show who the most involved members of your community are – and possibly use them for influencer or partnership opportunities.


Knowing when your members are most active can help brands know when and what to post for maximum reach.


Track how many members are joining your community and what were the triggers for the surge. This could give you some insight into possible future advertising opportunities.

Facebook insights growth

Facebook live analysis

You've already thought about our story of creating Facebook Live videos that people really want to watch – now it's time to dig into the data to see if your creative content actually hits the bull's eye. You can find live analytics by clicking the live video you want to view the metrics for, or by finding it in your Video Library tab in Page Insights.

Facebook live video analysis

Highest number of simultaneous viewers

Track the highest number of simultaneous viewers at any point in time of your video when it was live.


The total number of times your live video was viewed on a given day.

Average graduation in%

Did the audience tune in and stick with it … or get out right away? If you have a retention problem, it may be time to revise your content strategy.

Facebook video analysis

Do your audience love videos or do they hate videos? There is only one way to find out: read up on the analysis of this particular type of post. Go to Page Insights and click Post Types to see how each video fares overall. For deeper insights into a single video, click the post title to see metrics like …

Video retention

An interactive graph allows you to see exactly which frame in your video corresponds to a particular moment in the video run … and what the retention percentage was at that particular moment.

Audience retention

Average viewing time

As with live video, this statistic is helpful in determining how your content is being received. Because if someone switches on and leaves immediately without watching the video, how important is their "view" actually?

Video engagement

This is where likes, comments, and shares are compiled to get a clear picture of how engaging this content is.

Audience retention through likes, comments and shares

Facebook Analytics and the Facebook Analytics app may be slowly settling in, but as you can see, there is still a lot of data to analyze from this platform – and a million different ways to do just that. If knowledge is power, your brand is well equipped to create the most powerful social media marketing strategy ever.

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