All about AI-based content material creation instruments

Content is king. Regardless of what industry you're in, you need engaging content to attract audiences to your business. The content provides your target audiences with the relevant information that will solve their problems, add value, and change their lives for the better. Because of its growing importance, the content marketing industry is developing rapidly with the help of AI.

What is AI in content marketing?

Creating content is not an easy task. It takes a lot of research and skills to create meaningful content that engages the audience. The content must be original and relevant to the needs of the audience. While human intelligence is not interchangeable, you can use content automation tools to create more insightful content in less time. AI in content marketing optimizes your content marketing strategy by giving you a number of advantages that are difficult to achieve through manual processes.

Applications of AI-based content tools

Keyword intent
AI tools can crawl a large chunk of data and detect patterns in user behavior to identify users' keyword intent.

Theme inspiration
AI helps companies create a content strategy based on Google's website ranking parameters and suggests a number of topics for content creation.

Content maintenance
The automated content marketing tools help to plan content, identify updates and synchronize various social media channels.

make decisions
AI helps understand customer trends and provides insights into industry situations so you can make better decisions.

choose pictures
Content automation tools allow you to choose and even create meaningful images from sentences and other images.

Heading generator
A tempting headline is one of the most important pieces of content. You can use content creation tools to create creative headlines based on your blog.

How do AI-based content tools work?

Content discovery
Content automation tools work like a human brain, examining a concept from different angles. They search the web for content related to certain keywords.

Robust content
AI-powered content marketing platforms help create information-rich, consistent and valuable content that meets the needs of the user.

Rush out noisy data
Content automation tools filter out the excess data to keep the content relevant and understandable for the audience.

Analyze insights
Automated content marketing helps analyze content insights and performance to understand what works and what doesn't.

Benefits of Using AI in Content Marketing

Create better content than your competitors: Content automation tools create content based on insightful data and present complex information in a simplified manner.

The delivery notifications and other timely alerts provided by automated tools help you take the right action at the right time.

Improve the ROI of your content
AI tools help create valuable content that moves audiences to action, resulting in better ROI.

AI in content marketing can help increase traffic
AI-powered, SEO-friendly content helps rank higher and increase website traffic.

Reach the right people
The use of certain keywords by automation tools helps reach audiences looking for the exact content.

Get more conversions
Content creation embedded with CTAs helps convert leads for the business.

Maximize ROAS
AI in content marketing helps with the automated target ROAS tendering and enables you to optimize your entire content marketing strategy.

Will AI take over content marketing in 2021?

Robots write messages based on numbers and data research. Smart algorithms and software help improve media productivity. Marketing automation platforms help capture leads, nurture relationships, and bring prospects to the bottom of the sales funnel. As the trends in mobile search move towards voice search from within text, virtual assistants are replacing search engines.

Some of the best AI tools for content creation

BuzzSumo enables a deep understanding of content marketing strategy using powerful content automation insights. It tracks the content performance of competitors and provides content automation tools for analysis.

Word smith
Wordsmith is a natural language generation platform that turns data into interesting narratives. It caters to the content creation organizational structure and offers open APIs and paid plans.

Article forge
Article Forge uses advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning to create themed, unique, and high quality articles. It reviews written articles and researches several existing blogs to write philanthropic content.

Quill is an advanced NLG platform that uses machine learning to model the concept and content theme. It uses data storytelling to promote a data-driven culture across the company.

HubSpot's blog idea generator
Based on competition and relevance, HubSpot's blog idea generator helps you select topic clusters for your content marketing strategy. It's a free content automation tool that automates blog ideas using keywords and promotes SEO strategy.

Articoolo is a content automation tool that creates articles like human writers. It uses NLP modeling to structure the content. It extracts relevant keywords and creates original articles with word count specifications.

Word AI
Word AI rewrites every part of the article from scratch ensuring complete authenticity. It creates human readable content by writing just like a human does.

Milling is an AI-based writing, SEO and research assistant. It creates and provides answers to the questions asked by a brand's target buyers.

WordLift allows you to organize the content using natural language processing. It can identify and organize entities in your content into four main categories – who, what, when, and where.

Atomic range
Atomic Reach is an AI-based platform that rewrites content in a style that your audience prefers. It helps to generate more pageviews and increase the time spent, which leads to conversions.

When should you use the AI-based content tools?

AI-based content tools can be used for:

  • Identify your potential audience.
  • Understand what content works best.
  • Increase in sales and improve the customer experience.


The growth of content automation tools is transforming the whole of content marketing. AI-supported platforms in combination with relevant data not only make the work of marketers easier, they also bring a high ROI. Content creation is vital in today's scenario, and AI tools are a boon for that.

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