Amazon gives spoiler-free transport choices for vacation surprises

Most children can tell the difference between a gift from the North Pole and a package from Amazon – but with Covid-19 cases on the rise again, parents are more likely to skip in-store shopping this year to order gifts online. In order to offer the convenience of online shopping without compromising the magic of giving, Amazon is promoting its "spoiler-free" solutions.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of gifts, customers can now select a more specific delivery window (within two to four hours) and a visual confirmation via the "Photo on delivery" function. Customers can also group purchases in a box, instruct drivers to leave parcels in the driveway using the Amazon Key service, which has been making home delivery easier since 2017, and prevent their Alexa-enabled devices from spilling the beans. And for those who prefer pickup, customers can send their gifts to any physical Amazon store.

Business for Amazon is booming this year, and the e-commerce giant aims to position itself as a one-stop holiday shop by improving its delivery capabilities. Some of the features introduced in the past few months have been added as options at checkout, such as: B. Map Tracking, which allows customers to see the progress of their delivery in real time, additional stops along the way and even meet drivers at the door. and Share Tracking, which allows people to share tracking information with friends and family.

According to John Felton, vice president of Amazon's Global Delivery Service, the strategy for creating a positive shopping experience during the pandemic is centered around giving customers as many options as possible.

“We're helping customers keep their orders by surprise this year and we're giving them more flexibility, control, and convenience with their deliveries in a number of ways – whether they're ordering from an alternate pickup location or tracking their package on the way Home or consolidate their deliveries to a single day so they can plan ahead, ”he said in a statement.

The uncertainty was a challenge for any company during the pandemic. Despite hiring around 350,000 people in logistics in the second half of the year, not even Amazon can guarantee that there will be no problems with delivery on holidays. In his third quarter earnings call, CFO Brian Olsavsky said the two-day event on Prime Day in October had been a good stress test and the platform had "a good feel for the network's performance," but encouraged consumers to accept earlier this year to order .

Amazon also stepped up its holiday marketing efforts this year, encouraging customers to take advantage of this year's untraditional fundraising season by posting heartfelt holiday ads and recruiting Oprah to help black-owned businesses.

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