BET makes use of Expertise, Greenfly's media sharing platform, to help its BET + SVOD service

Looking for an inexpensive way to advertise BET +, the subscription video-on-demand service launched by BET Networks and Tyler Perry Studios in September 2019, BET TV network reached out to its most ardent proponents: its Talents and fans.

Crystal Johnson, director of social media at BET +, said in an email, "Social media advertising is the main part of our marketing plans these days and we're taking a talent-driven approach there. Going forward, the social will be more important than ever. Brands show others Brands that don't believe in the social that much, the power of it. "

BET worked with the media sharing platform Greenfly on the brand advocacy program, collecting, sorting and curating authentic content so their talents could be shared through their social channels.

Daniel Kirschner, CEO of Greenfly, told Adweek: “Every organization has a community of lawyers. Greenfly needs to connect with these advocates and provide them with a platform to share. "

Greenfly has worked with other television networks such as Canal +, ESPN and Showtime on similar branding initiatives.

BET Networks Director for Social Media Marketing T.J. Barber told Adweek, "We've had a pretty robust relationship with Greenfly during my tenure here. So it's not much different during on-site shelter, but we've definitely increased the frequency due to social distancing mandates." With the shows coming off hiatus, especially Tyler Perry's, and with a general need for bridging content between shows, we've requested everything from fan videos to talent chases and social resources that our shelter-in Support Place initiative #AloneTogether. "

The impact of the pandemic on the production process was not lost on Kirschner either, pointing out that it is much more difficult to send camera teams to work with people in person, and the branding initiative helps reduce the impact on filming and filming to compensate for longer than usual delays between seasons of the shows.

Disclosing details of how the three main characters of the 1920s accessed the Greenfly platform, Barber said, “That way we can ensure that all members of the cast have every commercial, character card and episodic trailer at the same time Moment of the clap of thunder when published on social media at the same time. "

Another benefit of this strategy, according to Kirschner, is that while social platforms tend to devalue organizational content, BET + “can connect to fans through talent and the relationships that talents have built with audiences. Individual advocacy on social media is an incredible driving force when it comes to viewership and engagement. "

Not only do brand promotion initiatives help connect and motivate fans, but the most passionate fans also become part of the mix by re-sharing content from the shows talent and bringing in their own ideas.

"Since Twenties is a show aimed at a younger audience with younger, lesser-known stars than BET audiences are used to, we had to rely on their individual fan bases to build a base for the show," said Barber . "The ability to easily repeat the strategy for the show among its diverse audiences made it easier for fans to connect with the cast as a whole, and ultimately established and strengthened the foundation of (show artist) Lena Waithe and Twenties supporters in the network. "

One final benefit of similar initiatives such as BET + through Greenfly: "It strengthens the relationships between the network, the PR staff and the talent," said Kirschner. "It creates a really nice dynamic in which everyone feels they benefit from it."

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