Deutsch New York works with the Faculty of Visible Arts to offer scholarships for varied abilities

Deutsch New York is partnering with the School of Visual Arts to promote a one-of-a-kind scholarship program that, according to the agency, was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

The program, entitled “Fund The Change”, supports budding creative students from historically underrepresented backgrounds, as defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) of the federal government, which also includes those from BIPOC population groups. The scholarship also promises opportunities for students during their academic career. Recipients can expect an offer to develop a relationship with the agency in order to gain a broader, more realistic industry experience.

"Our mission is simple: We want to strengthen our industry by investing in future leaders who come from historically underrepresented backgrounds," said Val DiFebo, CEO of Deutsch New York, in a statement. “In the heart of our city, we knew that SVA was the right partner for us. Together we will be a catalyst for our next generation of creative professionals by bridging the gap between teaching and agency experience. "

Program terms provide that two fellows enrolled in SVA's BFA Design or BFA Advertising programs will receive a renewable earnings grant of $ 10,000 per year, increasing to a total of 40,000 over four years USD amounts. These two students are supervised every year by creatives at Deutsch New York and receive annual paid summer internships for each of the four years. During three of these years, students receive paid internships at Deutsch New York. The agency will be reaching out to industry affiliates to offer a paid internship with another agency in the fourth quarter for a broader industry experience.

“This scholarship is a dream come true for me, a first generation BIPOC SVA alumnus and now a college professor. Anything is possible when talent is supported and nurtured, ”said Gail Anderson, chairwoman of SVA's BFA design and promotion programs. "Thanks to our friends at Deutsch, new doors are opening for the next generation of creative people."

Eligible students can apply for the scholarship until February 1, 2021. The recipients will be announced on March 15, 2021.

The upcoming initiative supports Deutsch New York's existing efforts to offer internships for various candidates. It's part of the agency's renewed pledge to crack down on systemic racism in the advertising industry. Deutsch New York pointed to some of these measures when discussing the decision to split German Los Angeles and German New York into separate agencies last month.

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