Disappearance mode comes from Fb to Messenger

Another Snapchat-inspired feature has found its way into the Facebook family of applications, as Disappearance Mode was introduced on Messenger From Facebook in the US and a few other countries on Thursday. Instagram will follow shortly.

If you enable Disappearance Mode by swiping up on an existing chat thread on mobile, messages will automatically hide after they are seen and people leave the chat.

If you swipe up a second time, the chat will return to normal message mode.

Only people users are connected to can use Disappearance mode. It's an opt-in so that users can choose to use all mode.

People will be notified if someone takes a screenshot of the chat while it's in Disappearance mode, and as always, other users can be blocked and reported.

Instagram users will need to update to the app's new Messenger experience in order to use Disappearance Mode.

Messenger from Facebook Messenger from Facebook

Messenger product manager Bridget Pujals and Instagram product manager Manik Singh wrote in a blog post: "Sometimes a message is just spontaneous – something you want to say in the moment without worrying about how it will stay."

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