Eskimo Pie Modifications Its Identify to Edy’s Pie to Higher Replicate Its Model Values

Another brand is changing its packaging amid larger discussions from consumers of what is and isn’t appropriate.

The ice cream brand long known as Eskimo Pie will henceforth be called Edy’s Pie in a nod to its brand founder, candy-maker Joseph Edy. It’s also an effort to distance itself from what Elizabell Marquez, head of marketing at parent company Dreyer’s, told The New York Times was an inappropriate term that did not reflect the brand’s values.

According to a statement, the company paused production of the ice cream bar with Eskimo Pie branding three months ago. Edy’s Pie packaging is expected to debut in early 2021.

Snow-capped mountains remain on the new packaging, which prominently features the ice cream bar itself. But gone is the child, who, along with the original name, was “meant to evoke the chilly north and the indigenous people who lived there,” according to Smithsonian Magazine.

The spokesperson declined to comment on when production will resume.

The statement noted the name Edy’s Pie was chosen to honor Edy and “the entrepreneurial origins of this treat.” The brand dates back nearly a century when the candy store owner “wanted to appease a young boy’s indecision on whether to buy ice cream or a chocolate bar … (and) invented a way to coat ice cream with melted chocolate.”

Eskimo Pie comes after recent rebrands at Uncle Ben’s and Cream of Wheat. In fact, multiple brands have followed Aunt Jemima’s lead this year in announcing name and packaging changes.

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