Fb information Instagram account cloning lawsuit

Facebook filed a lawsuit in the US on Thursday to prevent the creation of clone sites.

The social network accused Ensar Sahinturk of using automation software to remove the publicly visible information from Instagram users and to create a network of clone pages or websites that copy profiles, posts and other information from Facebook or Instagram without the users' knowledge or consent and show.

Platform enforcement and litigation director Jessica Romero said in a newsroom post Thursday that Sahinturk scraped over 100,000 Instagram accounts and posted data from those accounts to a network of clone sites where users could enter Instagram usernames to view profiles , Pictures, videos, stories, hashtags and locations.

She added that Sahinturk's Facebook and Instagram accounts had already been disabled and cease and desist letters had been sent, so Facebook requested a permanent injunction.

Romero wrote, "Data scraping undermines people's privacy and ability to control their information, and it is prohibited by our terms. This case is the latest example of our efforts to disrupt those who are using user data as part of our ongoing Scratch commitments to protecting our community, enforcing our policies, and being accountable for misuse of our services. "

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