French Grocery Retailer Heads Again in Time to Clear up ‘Rooster or Egg’ Thriller

It’s a question that has perplexed mankind for centuries: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

French supermarket chain U Shops (Systeme U) has taken a tongue-in-cheek swing at finding out the answer in a new campaign titled “The Hen” (or “La Poule” in French.)

The TV and digital spot, by TBWA/Paris, takes the viewer back in time from the present day as it follows a hen and its hen ancestors through a world war, the 18th century, the Roman era, the stone ages and back to the dinosaur era in a bid to discover the answer.

The concept of the ad, as the final frame makes clear, is to promote the store chain’s use of only free-range eggs and boost its animal welfare credentials.

Frustratingly, though, the spot doesn’t reveal which really came first—leaving mankind to wonder at the marvels of evolution for a little longer.

This isn’t TBWAParis’ first egg-centric work of note. To launch McDonald’s all-day breakfast offering in France, the agency created a satisfying series of GIFs about bouncing eggs and other fanciful ingredients in an Egg McMuffin.

U Brand: Sandrine Burgat, Laurène de Demandolx, Céline Guérin-Vaney 
TBWAParis: Anne Vincent, Matthéo Pressmar, Adrien Marsaud, Meryl Conrad 
Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal & Faustin Claverie 
Art Director: Sébastien Guinet
Copywriter: Josselin Pacreau
Production: /Else
Filmmaker: Hungry Beards
Dop: Jean Paul Agostini
CEO & Producer Else: Maxime Boiron
Production Director: Tristan Voisin
Post-Production: Digital District & Else
Post-Producers: Dorothée Semezis & Mélanie Bernard
3D: Digital District
Sounds: Else 
Head of Music and Sounds: Olivier Lefebvre 
Sound Producers: Fanny Mithois & Yann Levasseur
Sound Art Director: Ferdinand Huet
Sound Engineer& Sound Designer: Alexandre Robieux 
Music composition: Ludovic Bource 
Media Agency: MyMedia 

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