High 10 Lead Technology Instruments in 2020

Customers are important to a company, as is lead generation. By growing leads for your business, you are great at connecting with new customers. This, in turn, increases your chances of getting better income.

Leads are those who show a valuable interest in your product / service and initiate an important relationship with you. Since the current market is extremely competitive, businesses need proactive lead generation tools to keep their customer base going.

The following top 10 lead generation tools will keep your business motivated by reducing friction and increasing the rate of website viewers converting to leads.

1. Intercom

Of all visitors to your website, only 4% become your buyers. Communication with them is therefore important. You can use the chat function of Intercom to exchange ideas with visitors on site. You can also take the opportunity to gather important information.

Expert tip: You can use the integrated help desk and extensive knowledge base to provide assistance to current customers.

2. Hunter.io

With more than 10,000 positive reviews, Hunter is a sought-after email search tool. The results provided by this tool include a hidden percentage rating that thoroughly verifies its accuracy.

And bow down! 50 searches are set every month and the tool can be combined with a wide variety of other applications. In addition, every time you visit a website, you will receive a list of email addresses related to the site domain you are on.

Expert tip: Simply click on Hunter's Chrome plugin to find out the names of the sources in addition to their discovery date.

3. HubSpot

By one estimate, marketers who manage to follow up on leads within 5 minutes are nine times better at converting them. Hubspot is one such platform that gives you the free way to start your lead conversion journey. The functions it provides are:

  • Pop-up forms
  • Live chat
  • to shape
  • Chatbot

Hubspot's free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) does all of this automatically. Plus, you can also merge this with your CRM, email or customer data platform.

This tool allows you to plan inbound marketing from start to finish. You have the advantage of designing content that will attract visitors and engaging them with perfectly designed emails.

Expert tip: Free ticketing is another feature that you can use to attract enthusiastic customers.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This amazing lead generation tool allows you to focus on precise people and companies. You can also keep track of what's going on with your accounts and build trust with your customers.

The alerts and insights provided will prepare you to take the right action at the right time. Real-time updates can also be found on the latest company growth and job changes.

Expert tip: The saved and recommended leads help you find the exact people and keep their information up to date.

5. Quora

It's an effective landing pad for online questions and answers. With more than 4,000,000 topics available on Quora, it's easy to find your preferred business niche. There may be thousands of like-minded people out there searching for questions about your business. Take this chance now! Answer the suggested questions in detail!

Expert tip: Use your answers to subtly demonstrate your company's competency. This can sure bring you potential leads.

6. MobileMonkey

One finding found that 65% of customers are comfortable solving a problem without a human agent. With that in mind, MobileMonkey's chatbots are the best way to do three things: lead capture, lead authorization, and lead promotion. This can be done via SMS, website live chat, and messenger for popular chat platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

MobileMonkey's OmniChat is a multi-channel chatbot builder that allows you to create content once for a chat campaign and use it for the specified channels. Work becomes easier when you consolidate customer support-related chat into one inbox.

In addition, you can start a competition with messenger chatbots on Instagram or Facebook. After that, you can start a remarketing strategy that consists of Instagram and Facebook Messenger ads. This converts leads into sales.

Expert tip: Connect the leads generated from the chat messaging channels to CRM, webinar platforms and email service providers.

7. Mailshake

Mailshake is great for email reach. You have the option to personalize and optimize your cold emails. This is immense for myriad goals like:

  • Link building
  • Fundraising
  • Content and sales development
  • Promotion of public relations

Expert tip: Make use of the pre-cooked catchy templates to get maximum answers. Here it is not necessary to be the best copywriter in the world.

8. HotJar

By integrating various tools, HotJar is an impressive platform for analyzing customer experience. It is considered to be one of the most reliable solutions for optimization research related to conversion. Its amazing properties include:

  • Heat maps
  • On-site surveys
  • Form analysis
  • Repeated sessions

Expert tip: You can collect feedback to collect customers' email addresses.

9. Clearbit

It will help you improve the contact profile data. This indicates that you do not have to request every little piece of information in long form. The only things that are required are – company domain and email address.

In addition, Clearbit Enrichment fills in other details like company size and industry and adds them to CRM records / products / wherever you need them.

Expert tip: Update all records every 30 days to stay in touch with the latest data.

10. Qualaroo

With Qualaroo, you can collect user feedback and leads immediately. With this on-site query page, you can improve every part of the product and marketing experience. The responses received through Qualaroo are ten times more valuable than email surveys as website visitors are tracked in real time.

You can focus on your customers by taking into account behavior patterns, events, browser cookies or data from the applications.

Expert tip: If you don't want to do lead generation, use the tool for valuable conversion optimization insights.

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