How digitization is revolutionizing the automotive industry in India

The Indian automotive industry has always remained true to traditional media. In recent years, however, this dynamic has changed somewhat as more and more customers switch to the digital space.

As the number of Internet users continues to increase and the number of electronic devices used by humans does the same, the automotive industry has recognized the importance of the virtual marketplace.

What is the significance of the digital space in the automotive industry?

Do you know that around 30% of leads for automotive giants worldwide are generated from digital media? However, lead generation is only one aspect of marketing. Since cars are a high quality buying decision, people don't take them lightly, which is only logical.

A lot of research goes into buying a car, the make, the model, the color, the price range and so many other factors that need to be considered. We live in the age of Google. This means that most people turn to the internet during those times when they need to analyze or do some research.

While the main decision is almost always made online, the research part is now done online when you go to the showroom to buy the product in question. Although many industries have suffered many losses due to the pandemic, the automotive industry still managed to remain among the top performers.

This feat was made possible in large part because of the digital space. According to Google, around 80% of car buyers use the help of online videos as part of their research before deciding on a vehicle. After watching the video, they also perform certain follow-up actions. This could be visiting the car dealer's website or checking the service options and so on.

What are the most important changes in the industry?

With the introduction of the virtual marketplace, some changes had to be made to the existing marketing practices of the automotive industry. Some of these have been explained below:

Launch of the digital showroom experience

Automotive companies are working to create digital showrooms that enable customers to experience the real-life car purchase experience from the comfort of their own home. You can choose a car, customize it to suit your needs, and even get information on financial loans and insurance offers.

It has been reported that up to 54% of first-time customers buy a vehicle online. This is when they get the chance. Digital showrooms will therefore help to develop many possibilities that would otherwise not have been possible.

MG Motors unveils first digital showroom

Source: Autocar India (MG Motors unveils first digital showroom)

With the help of technologies like AR and VR, AI-powered systems, and other such technologies, people can enjoy an enhanced 360-degree car purchase experience from anywhere. In fact, MG Motors had set up a digital showroom in Bengaluru to showcase their car – Hector. It was received pretty well.

Creation of contactless environments

Due to the pandemic, people are reluctant to venture out of the safety of their home and interact with others, especially in places where many people gather or are prone to visit, such as the nightlife. B. Showrooms. With this in mind, the industry has constantly worked to create contactless environments to curb this fear of their customers.

In 2018, Nissan India became the first to take a VR test drive in the country. This immediately became popular and also resulted in a significant increase in sales. Many people across the country have been able to test the Micra because of the simulated environment created using VR-enabled consoles.

The content has been adapted to convince customers of the smart features of the car, such as: B. Geo-fencing, advanced CVT automatic, speed warning, etc. The main aim was to clarify the fact that the Nissan Micra and Nissan Connect would be their ideal cars in times of need.

Cooperation with influencers

The importance of influencers in our country cannot be denied, and this fact has not been lost in the automotive industry either. People tend to trust influencers even more when it comes to high-end purchases like automobiles, fashion, travel, etc.

The #RENAULTKIGER is characterized by a striking two-tone exterior, a chrome-plated radiator grille and diamond-cut alloys.
Book now:

– Renault India (@RenaultIndia) May 12, 2021

Many automotive companies took advantage of followers' trust in their influencers and turned to influencer marketing to get their job done. For example, Renault uses a number of influencers to drive its marketing campaigns. There are several others who successfully use the power of influencers to generate more sales.

Thinking power locally

Do you know the important role of voice search in rural India when it comes to auto marketing? It turns out that it's getting pretty important to your marketing strategy for these areas as employees can easily get in touch with companies in their local language and get all the information they need.

The language barrier is therefore successfully overcome with the help of the voice search. Bolera is a great example as they have gradually grown into a leader in the market by effectively dealing with the Hindi-speaking population only.

Bolero SUV

Source: IndiaMart

First, they worked on translating certain keywords into Hindi in order to drive traffic using their RSA (Quality Responsive Search Ads). They were then able to direct the traffic generated by the campaign to their website and thus increase their sales by a high volume.


Surveys conducted by many well-known auto companies have shown that the people of India are now more than willing to relocate a significant part of their car buying process online. Every day the number of people going online to book their appointments for car service or to search for cars is increasing.

Accordingly, the automotive industry is preparing and actively working to meet its needs. It continues to grow every year and makes a significant contribution to the economy.

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