How do I get more likes on Facebook? Increase your preferences quickly and for free

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10 Proven Tips to Get Lots of Facebook Likes (Get More Free Facebook Likes)

To make it short.

Have you spent hours on Facebook hoping to get free likes on Facebook?

You interact with your friends and post great (or at least yours) status updates.

Even so, you are far from increasing the Facebook likes for your updates. Leave your dream of becoming a Facebook celebrity alone.

And the same question arises: how to get more likes on FacebookIncrease my Facebook reach and double the engagement on my Facebook page or my Facebook profile.

Does the above story seem like your story?

Do you want a better and more effective way to do this? Get Lots of Facebook Likes Quickly and for Free?

Let us begin!

Are you struggling to get more likes on Facebook? If so, here are some work tips to help you increase your likes on Facebook, and for free too!

Please note: I also have a secret trick to get unlimited FREE Facebook Likes at the end of this post. So stay tuned and enjoy the post.

The basics of being a Facebook celebrity have been discussed over and over again on this blog. So let me share some more tips that may increase your likes and share the number of Facebook fans.

1 Understand the newsfeed algorithm

Before we dive in, let's first take a look at how the Facebook algorithm works and how we can use it to get more Facebook likes sooner than ever.

Adam Mosseri (VP, News Feed at Facebook) recently dissolved the Facebook algorithm into four key steps which the social media platform uses to rate your content and decide which post receives how much organic reach, preferences and engagement.

The four most important steps are:

  1. inventory
  2. Signals
  3. Predictions
  4. Result

This formula for the Facebook newsfeed algorithm can be explained as follows:

  1. When you open Facebook, the newsfeed will collect all of the stories posted by your friends, pages you liked, etc. to form one Inventory of contributions.
  2. Now Facebook looks at the entire inventory to decide which story is right for you or which update (from friends and pages) might interest you. These factors that help Facebook make its decision are named Signals.

    Facebook has hundreds of thousands of these signals, e.g. B. what the story posted, what time it is if you are now active, which phone / device the story was posted on, what data connection you are on, etc.

Facebook ranking signals that decide how your content is placed in the news feedFacebook signals that affect how the content of your page is placed in the news feed.

  1. Facebook then takes the result and does one forecast Which posts (from those selected in the previous step) would interest you and are more likely to receive a Like, Share, or other form of engagement.
  1. Now Facebook takes all the predictions and decides what to show you and how content will be stacked in your news feed based on that Relevance score.
    Please note that Adam also said that Facebook has not yet been able to figure out what you are sure to like. This is just a guess that almost works. This is why you should have come across tests where Facebook asks you to choose from a number of post pairs and choose a preferred post from each pair.

Now that you know how the Facebook algorithm works and how it decides which updates to rank in your newsfeed …

… You can use a similar strategy to hack the Facebook news feed, get bigger organic reach, and then use that to get more FB Likes for free (without spending a dime on advertising).

2 Be active on the platform to get lots of Facebook likes

Even if you focus on the major business social media platforms, it is difficult to invest time in each of these platforms.

You have a lot to do, such as blogging, creating products, or interacting with other bloggers. But if you want to win, you have to play the game.

The same goes for Facebook. Can you imagine that almost 25% of Facebook users never change their status updates?

* Face palm *

With over 968 million active users per day (DAU), you can't afford to miss Facebook for even a day. Being active is a very important hack to getting Facebook likes.

How to get active on Facebook:

  • Update regularly as this will create a connection between you and your audience as they can relate to timing.
  • Schedule your posts using a tool like SocialPilot.

3 Use a Master Post to Engage Your Facebook Followers and Get Free FB Likes

Sometimes one or more of our Facebook posts get better engagement (or organic reach) than the others.


These posts suddenly get a lot of likes and comments and are better than others.

I call these contributions master’s contributions.

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Most master posts are either announcements about your business or personal life, or something related to the interests of most of your fans or friends.

Tips on Using Master Posts to Increase Fan Likes and Shares:

  1. Try to post a post at a specific time each day. You can post additional status updates or pictures during the rest of the day, but not share any potential Duh posts during master time.
  2. Try different status updates. Usually long and insightful posts do better, but you can try what works for you. This won't bore your fans and keep your audience's news feed interesting.
  3. If you have any Announcements like your new business team, marital status or a selfie from a recent hangout, Share it on the master time. The goal here is to trick Facebook that your update deserves to be at the top of your friends / fans' newsfeed.

4thUse questions to increase Facebook likes and get more comments

Asking questions on Facebook was a great source of quality engagement.

Status with questions is liked immediately. This is because likes are the best way to quickly nod your head. Facebook likes are the easiest and easiest way to say yes, I agree and I toos.

In addition, people eagerly add their opinions through comments.

So asking questions on Facebook is not only an easy way to get maximum likes, but it's also a working trick to increase your organic reach by increasing engagement on your status. However, make sure you have correct grammar and spelling by using proofreader tools like ProWritingAid.

How to ask questions on FacebookKim just asked for an AMEN and saw that the post had nearly 2000 likes and 1300 shares. Needless to say, there have been hundreds of comments. : D.

You don't have to ask people difficult academic questions. If all you want to do is ask fun and interesting questions, this is the job.

Start with questions like:

  1. Are you a morning person or a night owl? As for the first and comment for the second.
  2. What's your favorite food, tacos or pizza?
  3. You can ask work-related questions such as: For example, how many e-mails you receive in a day, or even ask them to unblock their computer screensaver for that day.
  4. So fill in the gaps so well, just hit the sweet spot.

5 Post Live Facebook Videos to Get Lots of Facebook Likes and Views for Free

Facebook videos are now the best type of content that gets the greatest reach. Almost 8 billion videos (or 100 million hours of video views) are viewed together every day.

This alone is enough to allow marketers and even regular users to want to get Facebook likes.

No guesswork, but the fact is (evident from this Social Bakers case study) that videos have, on average, 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo.

Case study showing Facebook videos have the most organic reach

In addition, Facebook's live video feature reaches almost three times more viewers than regular videos uploaded to the platform.

According to Facebook, live videos get higher completion rates and lead to higher signals for viewer actions so that they take more actions based on the video.

Do you remember the formula of the newsfeed algorithm we talked about?

These signals that we receive from the video will help you achieve higher relevance and the result will be your updates that will be placed higher in the news feed.

Instead of sharing links from your blog posts, you can share videos of your teamwork or a testimonial video.

Your videos are best when you share them natively on Facebook. This means that instead of sharing links from YouTube videos, you are uploading your video file directly to Facebook.

If you manage a page, you can use an enlarged video as your featured video.

Click here to see how my video rocked FB's organic reach.

6th Share popular posts again

To get a lot of Facebook likes quickly and for free, you need to use your already popular posts and share them again.

This strategy not only allows you to be active and share things that people love to engage with, but also to get proven results.

Reposting popular posts is a surefire way to double the likes of your Facebook fan page.

Popular posts are popular because people loved them. These posts somehow appealed to your Facebook fans and received maximum likes.

You can use and republish these posts.

Not all of your viewers saw the first post and that means they still have the potential to be liked on Facebook.

This is a trick I recommend when bigger brands (who post so much on Facebook) ask me how to get a lot of likes on our posts.

I tell them to use their older popular posts and repost them!

That way, they have the opportunity to strike the same emotional chord with their audience and as a result, they are showered with Facebook likes.

How to Get Lots of Facebook Likes and Shares (9 Quick & Free Tricks)

If you have a page, re-sharing video content can give your page the added benefit of getting lots of likes.

If we've been sharing videos from pages recently, there will be a "Like" button above the video.

This Like button is a great way to get more likes on your Facebook business page for free without spending a penny on ads.

TIP: Do not divide your own contributions too much or they will lose their essence.

7th Get lots of Facebook Likes by chatting and being yourself

Being you is the best social media marketing tip to follow. Nothing beats a real online presence.

You can't fake it for long and when you are you can connect with like-minded people.

When you stand up for a cause, you can increase your credibility, attract more loyal fans, and get more likes and shares.

Since people love to share original opinions and voices, you will get status updates and opinions more shares and ultimately lots of Facebook likes.

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8th Optimize your blog for more Facebook Likes and Follows

Your blog is the main source from which you can get loyal people to like you on Facebook.

Since your content has already reached your audience, ask them to meet you elsewhere (Facebook).

Most of the premium themes (we recommend elegant themes and take advantage of the massive discount on elegant themes to save money) have great social media integrations. You can also use the SocialSnap plugin to add social media buttons that match the branding of your blog.

Add a prominent Facebook Like button to your website. Below you can see the picture of a blog with its Facebook Like button displayed in the most important place.

The result is obvious in terms of the same number.

If you want to add a simple Facebook-like button to your blog, here are instructions on how to add official Facebook buttons to your website.

See how this blog adds a Facebook-like button that is hard to ignore

9 Get More Facebook Likes: Engage your audience with a value chain

Value chain is an expression I coined that points to content that adds value to the audience and in such a way that they will become your loyal fans. Value chains can be different for different people.

For a blogger, you can use curated content that includes the best content in your niche.

This will keep your fans updated and they can't afford to miss you.

Result: You get tons of likes on your Facebook page, pictures and status.

TIP: You can use the latest search tool to find content that should matter to you and possibly get you maximum likes.

For a normal Facebook user, a value chain can be posts that are funny, inspiring, or entertaining.

The result is that you will get lots of likes and shares for your Facebook content.

Once your audience realizes that you have something valuable and interesting to them, they will become your avid fans.

Getting huge shares from your avid fans isn't difficult, and those extra shares will help you get tons of likes on Facebook.

10 Use story bumps

And here is the secret trick to dominating your audience's news feed and getting more likes for your evergreen Facebook posts

What if you push the limits of Facebook's reach and keep your posts appearing in your friends' news feed?

Well, you can now use Facebook's story bumping feature to bring a dead or old post back to the top of your friends' news feed.

The trick is to embed your posts on your website or blog.

I found that "embedded posts have more reach and likes" when I saw a post by Kim Garst embedded in one of my Facebook marketing articles.

My post went viral and influencers like Mari Smith shared it on their newsletter, causing tons of views.

When I read the post after a few days, I saw that Kim's embedded post had almost five times as many likes as it was originally. So I closed the above.

If you embed a post on your blog post that is getting decent traffic, they will likely like or interact with your post (embedded in this post).

This tricked Facebook into considering this post important and the post suddenly returned to your friend's news feed.

This trick will eventually increase your page's edge rank for more reach and likes.

Isn't it a really cheap and fast way to get more likes for your Facebook posts?

Here is a sample video that gets lots of likes and comments, as well as good engagement.

It's a master post, it's a baby lovers destination, it's a video, and it has a hashtag in it too:

how to get more likes on facebook photos

Bonus tip # 1: creative ways to ask for Facebook likes

Here are some creative ways to ask for Facebook likes:

  • Use comparison posts to ask your fans to respond in a certain way to choose their favorite. For example, you can use Batman and Spiderman and ask your fans to respond to "love" for Batman and "like" for Spiderman. These type of posts can be used in any industry to get lots of Facebook reactions.
  • Upload memes related to your industry and ask if your fans can relate to them. This is a great way to get more likes on Facebook photos.
  • You can have a fun competition where you ask fans to tag their friends. If they don't respond within a set time (e.g. 5 minutes), they'll have to give you a reward. This is a great way to ask for Facebook likes without being shoddy.

Bonus tip # 2: Please like our Facebook page example

If you want to invite people to like your Facebook business page, here are some pre-made templates or samples you can use:

1) Inviting an existing customer / reader:

Hello (insert name),

Thank you for your purchase (product name). We can't wait to have you on our Facebook community. On our site you will find the latest news and exciting offers for (product name).

2) Template to invite someone who has previously interacted with your posts:

Hello (insert name),

Thank you for liking our Facebook post on (post topic). Please don't hesitate to like our page for more related and exciting things. We can't wait to have you with us.

3) Example to invite webinar attendees and newsletter subscribers to like your Facebook business page

Hello (first name)

Thank you for participating in our webinar (topic) (or thank you for being our valued newsletter subscriber).

Why not join our Facebook page and be the first to get the latest information about our Facebook life directly on Facebook?

We're just a click away (link to the FB page or similar widget)!

Summary: How to Get Lots of Facebook Likes (Quick and Free)

I hope this mini guide on how to get likes on facebook for free helped you

Not only are these organic methods of increasing Facebook likes and engagement far better than buying Facebook business page likes, but they also don't cost you a penny.

Getting the most out of a social media platform isn't difficult. You just have to find out how. For example, you need to find out who your target audience is.

Are they simple people not interested in the online hustle and bustle or are they digital marketers?

If so, don't share too many business-oriented posts with them.

The key is to make your Facebook Page or Profile a resource to help them update and enjoy topics they love to hear.

You can use social media tools like Sendible or Hootsuite to monitor your Facebook Page audiences and create editorial calendars.

Then you can optimize your content to attract more likes and shares on Facebook.

What are your secrets to getting more likes on Facebook?

Do you have a trick how to get lots of facebook likes fast and free?

If so, share your thoughts on how to get free Facebook likes and help others increase their likes and shares on Facebook. 🙂 🙂

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No, asking for Facebook likes is perfectly legal. Remember not to interfere with anyone's privacy or interests.

3) Is Facebook's Organic Reach Dead?

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4) Can you sell on Facebook?

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7) Should I create a Facebook Group or Page?

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