Local SEO Benefits for 2021

When writing any kind of article or blog for your website, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is always important. Understanding SEO allows you to place certain relevant keywords into your writing that will allow your article or blog to be easily tracked by Google. This will greatly increase the chances of your work appearing in the first page of Google’s search results, which is essential since most people never look past the first page. This refers to both Technical and Local SEO.

This utilization of Google algorithms also applies to local SEO, but there are some differences. Local SEO also takes geographic locations into account, which makes the target audience and keyword research smaller, but also far more focused. Local SEO may have a much shorter reach, but the effect on that reach can be far greater for the website’s potential customers or clients. Here are some substantial benefits of local SEO in 2021:

Ranking Higher on Google

According to Harris + Ward, when searching a topic on Google, the first 5 search results collect 67.6% of the total user clicks (not including the ad page). This statistic emphasizes just how important it is to be in that top 5. Without being in the top rank, the existence of your site is likely not known by many people. After all, Google is vastly more popular than any other current search engine in 2021, so your content must be catered specifically to Google to yield effective search results.   

SEO can definitely help you here. Finding the right combination of target keywords can place you in the top Google search results, which drastically increase your exposure on the search engine. Using sites like Cognitiveseo, you can see which words Google is looking for, and construct your articles to appeal to its algorithm. Given how few people look at search results beyond the top 5, appealing to Google and its algorithm is essential. Using GMB (Google My Business) is another effective way to utilize Google to promote your website.

Increase Visibility

SEO and Google My Business can help get you a higher rank in search results, but utilizing local SEO can also increase your visibility for the specific audience you are looking for. While SEO can make you visible, local SEO with keyword research specified to your geographic location can make you visible to the people you specifically want to be seen by. Being seen by local audiences is beneficial in many ways.

Firstly, if you are selling a product, local SEO will make the product visible to people who are easier to cater to and distribute products to. The closer the product is to buyers, the more likely they will find interest in it. Local articles would also be more appealing since audiences would feel a direct connection to the subject matter. Since your services are nearby, local SEO is also an effective means of gaining repeat customers. Ultimately, SEO can grant you visibility on Google, but the benefits of local SEO can give you a specific visibility to the audience you’re looking for.     

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