Mucinex debuts Sickwear Attire Line on YouTube livestream

The mention of Mucinex makes thoughts of liquids and pills come to mind to make people feel better about colds. However, after tonight, the Reckitt Benckiser brand is also hoping hoodies and overalls will come to mind.

"People at home, especially from Covid, want to feel comfortable," said Claudine Patel, general manager marketing and chief marketing officer for health in North America at Adweek. "We bring people comfort and relief in new ways."

Mucinex will host a livestream event on its YouTube page and new direct-to-consumer website at 8pm. ET today introduces Sickwear, a new line of clothing based on the concept that looking good helps people feel better.

Patel said RB is looking for new spaces in social commerce as well as "new ways to be inventive when the business model is disrupted".

It's not the first company to go retail in the past few months to expand the brand. Cole Haan and Slack recently partnered to develop a line of shoes.

The Barbarian agency is responsible for the creative management of the live stream. The film is directed by Emmy Award winner Danielle Levitt and produced by Webby Award winner Missing Pieces.

YouTube creators who will be participating in modeling Sickwear are: Ashley Alexander, FlawlessKevin, Le Happy, Chriselle Lim, Daniella Perkins, Nava Rose, Drew Scott and Jacques Slade

Patel explained why RB turned to established YouTube for this initiative, rather than new social channels like Snapchat and TikTok.

"It's not just about experimenting with new channels, which is a big philosophy of ours, it's also about expanding existing social channels," she said. “People go to YouTube to educate themselves and see how people tell stories. YouTube is a visual platform and the sickwear campaign is so visual. "

She also pointed out the reach of the eight creators and influencers involved in the livestream, saying they have around 5 million followers in total on the video site.

The idea for Sickwear came from RB North America’s President for Health, Cynthia Chen, and the collection was designed by Steven Alan and Christina Viviani.

The six-part, gender-neutral collection was developed to prepare people for the cold and flu season. It consists of antimicrobial fabrics that are also breathable and washable, in soothing colors. It is from:

  • The feel-good hood: A hoodie made of super soft fabric, aromatherapy reinforced and equipped with a pillow.

Mucinex / Barbarian

  • The slumpsuit: A one-piece antimicrobial overall.

Mucinex / Barbarian

  • The Zzzimono: A soft, antimicrobial, washable silk jacket with a removable neck pillow and dedicated pockets for new and used handkerchiefs.
  • The tip-top tank: A tank top made of breathable mesh and soft, antimicrobial, sweat-wicking material.
  • The smooth sleeper: An eye mask made of antimicrobial washable silk with a ponytail perforation.
  • The Unsnuffle Duffel: A free mesh travel bag.

The limited-edition collection will be offered during the live stream at a discounted price of between $ 46 and $ 140 and can then be purchased exclusively through the e-commerce website until it is sold out.

"We're always thinking about how we can help people feel better," said Patel, adding that the 'sick' part of sickwear is a play on words that represents both feeling better and being fashionable too be.

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