Naomi Osaka returns for an additional scorching social justice advert for Beats By Dre

As a continuation of his powerful short film about the hypocritical racism of loving black culture and marginalizing the black community at the same time, Beats by Dre has launched its next series of advertisements, which again shows talent from Generation Z and current, thought-provoking messages.

"Flex That" by the creative agency Virtue Worldwide consists of a series of three vignettes with the tennis champion and the Adweek cover theme Naomi Osaka, the Grammy-nominated rapper-songwriter Cordae and the up-and-coming artist Flo Milli.

The young black activists "continue to campaign against racial inequalities, inspiring youth around the world to boldly challenge norms, cross borders and celebrate their identities," the brand said in a statement.

The 30-second commercials with music and lyrics by Flo Milli and Cordae are part of the launch of a new Beats product called Flex, which is aimed at young consumers and is priced at $ 50.

The work follows in the footsteps of Translation Agency's latest Beats mini-film "You Love Me", which was produced with an all-star cast (including Osaka, Bubba Wallace from Nascar, rapper Lil Baby and activist Janaya Future Khan from Black Lives Matter)), written by Lena Waithe and directed by Melina Matsoukas.

In the “Flex That” campaign, Flo Milli confronts a Confederate statue, Cordae complains about the need for social change, and Osaka goes to court with bat in hand while “Silence is Violence” pearls in her hair.

Cordae said it was "embedded in my DNA" to speak out, while Osaka insisted, "We all must do our part to change the world for the better." Flo Milli, recently identified by Vevo as one of its “Artists-on-Watch” in 2021, said: “It is so important for me to use my reach and influence to inspire future generations to boldly stand up against racist ones Pronouncing injustices – such a deep problem ingrained in our country's history. "

Client: Beats from Dr. Dre
Agency: Virtue Worldwide
Director: Rohan Blair-Mangat
Production company: each other
Editor: Anna Patel / Beats by Dr. Dre
Color: Ricky Gausis / MPC

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