New App on the Block: Clubhouse is Gen Z's newest social media obsession

We have all heard the latest buzzword – clubhouse. Suddenly the entire social media population is trying to get an invitation to join the app and we're still wondering where it's from. What is clubhouse? Why did it become so popular? What is it doing

Today we're going to tackle many such questions and decipher the latest social media obsession. Originally only available on iOS devices, it was recently launched on Android (May 20th) and since then the continued rise in its popularity has been quite fascinating to watch.

What is clubhouse?

With the help of Clubhouse (CH), users can essentially listen to two or more people having a conversation, discussion, or debate on any topic under the sun. This is the simple explanation. According to the app's Twitter bio, “Clubhouse is a place for casual audio conversations”.

The interesting thing about this app is that you can't just register and become a user like most social media apps do. You have to be invited to the app by an existing member or you will be placed on a waiting list.

Perhaps this is the reason for its popularity – the exclusivity. Similar to a real club, you need to be invited or put on a waiting list. This is like some kind of elite club, but only virtual. A classic case of people who want something that is not easy to achieve. But that's just a theory.

Why did clubhouse suddenly become so popular?

Clubhouse gives you the opportunity to take part in conversations by actively participating or simply being present, listening between people you have always dreamed of. One of the main reasons for his abrupt rise was when Elon Musk was just dropping into one of the clubhouse rooms in January.

Could Al Pacino and Robert De Niro switch their best roles?

Could Pacino ever work in Taxi Driver or De Niro in Dog Day Afternoon?

– Clubhouse (@Clubhouse) June 8, 2021

At the time, the app wasn't even a year old, and of course, it became quite a big deal when arguably the most influential person of our time performed on it. In addition, not only Musk but even Bill Gates stopped by and it picked up speed afterwards.

When did it start?

In March 2020, Clubhouse was launched in the USA along with COVID. It has become very popular in certain parts of the country due to its exclusive invite-only onboarding process. In those first few days, the app only comprised a small community.

This small community consisted mostly of venture capitalists as the company that founded the app, Alpha Exploration Co. received a massive $ 12 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz just two months into its existence. Shortly thereafter, with only 1500 users, its value reached $ 100 million at that time.

As of an April 2021 valuation, Clubhouse was currently worth $ 4 billion, and this was before it was even released on Android.

How does the clubhouse app work?

For all members, the app has a number of topics that have been broken down into conversation topics so that they can choose what interests them most. There is a wide range of topics to choose from, such as world events, sports, technology, crypto, etc. All trending topics are included in the list.

Users can follow topics and even people and clubs they want. everything is based on the interests of the user and therefore they can customize it. Like other social media platforms, Clubhouse has a hallway.

All active conversations around the topics the user has selected or if the people or clubs he is following are participating in a conversation will be displayed there. Now these conversations can be one-on-one interactions among friends or even group discussions. There are no set rules.

In fact, the clubhouse is also used to host formal talk tubes, live music shows, and more. It is quickly becoming the hub for all audio-based entertainment. Conversations are usually named after the topic to be discussed.

When a member enters a particular & # 39; room & # 39; When entering the clubhouse, the names of the speakers and moderators can be found on the & # 39; Stage & # 39; tab. at the top of the screen. All other members are listed below.

For those who want to contribute to the conversation, there is the option of “raise your hand”. If the creator or moderator of the room deems them worthy, they are allowed to speak. If someone of interest enters the room, they can also be invited to speak by being invited to the “stage”.

The “go quietly” option is also available for anyone who wants to end a particular call.

What is the clubhouse logo all about?

A special feature of the app is the constantly changing logo. Clubhouse does not have a permanent logo. It is periodically changed to show the profile photo – in black and white – of a member who had an influence on the app or someone the app is connected to.

Those people who have appeared as the face of the app include musicians Bomani X and Axel Mansoor, tech podcaster Espree Devora, visual artist Drue Kataoka, and startup promoter Erika Batista.

People have given this feature mixed reviews because, while it's quite interesting and unique, it makes the app a little difficult to find on the phone as its icon is constantly changing.

What will the upcoming payment feature do?

The payment function already available in the US version will soon also be introduced in the Indian version. Users have to pay the creators whose shows they want to view on the platform.

The company is currently working to comply with the rules and regulations issued by the Government of India.


As Clubhouse grew in popularity, another option has been added to the social media list. It provides an excellent platform for like-minded people to gather, explore, and understand new ideas – something that can be really valuable to any marketer.

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