Oreo will get political with a brand new advert days earlier than the election

Over the weekend, you may have seen a story in the Wall Street Journal introducing neighbors with opposing political views. Despite their differences of opinion (and different court signs), the families managed to remain friends, perhaps an achievement in a highly controversial election year.

It seems like Oreo is drawing on a similar sentiment in its latest ad and is debuting across TV, digital, and social channels today. In the animated spot, which takes place at a trade fair, the cuddly toys distributed as game prizes are brought to life after hours.

Upon recognizing a deep-fried oreo stand, a plush toy cat begins to meow and attracts the attention of a stuffed donkey and an elephant. As they try to help the cat get some milk and oreos, the symbolic political rivals get into an argument and forget about the task at hand.

Eventually, after seeing the cat's plight, they manage to put their differences aside, and the three of them enjoy some milk and oreo cookies together.

"Life is sweeter when we get together," concludes the ad. "Be playful."

The 30-second ad was created by The Martin Agency and the visual effects company Framestore. The Martin Agency described the spot in a statement as a "modern day fable about how two rivals recognize that even though they are separated by their differences, they can still enjoy working together to make a positive impact."

According to the agency, the commercial is scheduled to run on Fox this weekend during an NFL game.

"Oreo has always been about connection – and we believe this is a message that is needed," said Jordi Martinez, creative director of the global group at The Martin Agency. “As a team, The Martin Agency and Oreo recognize that no matter what happens at this moment, the unit has undeniable potential. We have chosen to tell a story that lives up to this belief in an unapologetically optimistic way. "

While Oreo doesn't necessarily take a political stance with this ad, it seems like the typically light-hearted brand has recently found it more convenient to capitalize on the cultural zeitgeist. Earlier this month, a moving short film was unveiled that tells the story of a father learning to be proud of his LGBTQ + daughter.

Justin Parnell, senior director of the Oreo brand, owned by Mondelēz International, said the company "understands the importance of this moment and takes it very seriously." He said the brand hopes the spot will remind viewers that a lot can be achieved when people respect one another and work together.

"We have always used our platform to spread positive messages and encourage people to come together, and it's no different," he said. “We stand by this ad and its purpose. We believe this message is important and we are proud to share it with fans across the country. "

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