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Pictory Review and Demo | Turn Articles Into Videos

Oct 29

Turn articles into Videos using Pictory

Go to: and sign up to Pictory for free here and check it out yourself or watch the Pictory review video here on YouTube.

Things To Know About Video Editing

Want to try your hand at video editing? If you want a powerful yet easy to use video editing tool that can be used by both beginners and professionals alike, look no further than OpenShot! This is the most user friendly video editing application. OpenShot can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Best free online video editing software.

OpenShot is a simple, free solution for amateur video editors. OpenShot has many advanced features including: video background music option, time selection, adjustable volume, fade in/out option, movable frames, pan/tilt zoom, edit thumbnail option, create credits with text, make screen wipes, add text to picture, rotate pictures, add titles, add custom files, add files to cart, create captions, and share your videos with friends. It's easy to use; simply import your photos or movies from your digital camera and start editing. OpenShot supports a wide range of video formats, such as: AVI, MP4, WMA, JPEG, FLV, TIFF, BMP, PNG, HEVC, HLS, AND,VCF.

These video editing tools are great, but they don't have any comparison to Pictory and turning articles into videos.

What About Using iMovie?

Another great video editing tool is iMovie. iMovie allows you to easily import your photos or video clips, create transitions, merge clips, apply image filters, apply frames, display video effects, and much more. The iMovie desktop publishing platform provides unlimited video effects and transitions, allowing you to make professional looking videos with little effort. Video effects include: video blurring, chroma keying, fade in/out, video masking, video flipping, video stretching, screen wipes, and more.

If your new to video editing, Adobe After Effects is the best video editing software to use. This professional grade software offers thousands of templates for video content. You can also add text and shadows to your images with the many text effects available. If you want to create stunning graphics, the After Effects templates offer options such as grid overlay, 3D effects, lens flares, smoke, rain, fog, explosions, and more. After Effects also features a wide range of keyboard shortcuts which make working with this software easy. You can simply learn the keyboard shortcuts and become a master at After Effects in no time.

Chroma Key or Pictory?

Chroma Key is a free version video editing software that gives you access to over 500 of chroma key effects to enhance your video editing project. Chroma Key has the ability to remove red eye, produce fade ins and fade outs, add stars, background stars, bevels, bevel tone, specular highlights, corner light, and a host of other special effects. To add these special effects to your movie clip, all you need to do is double click on the effect and select "New". Chroma Key is very easy to use for both beginners and professionals because of its intuitive interface.

Hitfilm Express is another outstanding video editing tool that gives you ease of use and powerful features. Hitfilm Express can save hours of time when editing your film because it allows you to trim, move, flip, and position your images. It has a complete set of digital visual effects including screen wipes, chroma key, background music overlay, fade ins, matte finish, and color filters. All of the controls are touch sensitive so you can quickly make the adjustment needed to achieve the best results.

Microsoft Windows Media Player is one of the most popular video editing software programs for PCs. You can import all your videos and audio files into your computer with the push of a button. You can also convert video to any other formats like High Definition or Standard Definition using the right application. You will find a large number of different video editing formats on the internet. Choose the one that best meets your editing needs.

If you want to edit your films on the go then the best video editing software is the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. The built in memory storage gives you plenty of options in the size of projects you can store on this software. With the touch of your mouse you can create, move, duplicate, edit, or delete frames of video. This is the ultimate choice for editing videos on the go. Check out the official website for the latest releases and new products.

Although each of these video editing tools have their own uses, none of them can stand up to Pictory if you want to want to turn articles into videos.