Pinterest provides new options for boards

One of the impact of the quarantine on the Pinterest platform has been a 35% increase in the number of boards created each month, along with a 30% increase in the number of collaborative boards over the past six months.

With that in mind, Pinterest rolled out several new board features on Thursday to make it easier for pinners to plan and translate into real life any visual inspiration they get from the platform.

A new section on Saved Pins, Note to Yourself, allows Pinners to add private notes to these Pins, e.g. B. "Try this for brunch" or "This goes well with the living room carpet".

Pinterest Pinterest

For active boards with more than 150 pins, Pinterest Pinners' new board toolbar makes it easier to sort them and access all the actions that can be performed on a board from a single navigation section: exploring related ideas, organizing and accessing notes and Shopping lists.


Finally, Pinners' Top Pins can be marked as favorites on boards by tapping the star icon on the board toolbar. They can then sort boards by preferred pints to make it easier to find ideas and take action.

Pinterest Pinterest

Pinterest also shared some trends that have emerged in the past few months.

  • Quarantine babies: In the past six months, the number of boards created for shopping and wish lists for baby products has grown 78 times.
  • Handyman: With people working and training from home looking for more outdoor cooking options, Pinterest has seen a surge in boards for home improvement projects such as home school room design (11 times), furniture projects (68%) and small gyms (48%) ) recorded.
  • Training at home: In terms of small home gyms, the platform saw an increased number of related boards such as exercise videos (six times), fitness training for beginners (seven times), and grounding exercises (five times).
  • Shopping from the parades to the luxury goods: Everyday important projects boards and my dream closet are up 83%, while Christmas gift boards for families are up 70%. Searches for personalized Christmas gift ideas rose 46%, while those for luxury gifts rose three times.

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