Prime Twitter Updates You Want To Know: October 2020

Any brand that uses Twitter as part of their social media marketing plan will likely see Twitter updates every month. These updates can include anything from a Twitter story update, to users changing who can reply to tweets, to better context for Twitter trends.

Keeping up with new Twitter updates will help your brand make the most of the social media platform and try out the new features. This is also a great way to leverage your Twitter marketing strategy.

While changes and updates are constantly being made, here are the new Twitter updates for October 2020 that are most relevant to businesses and brands. Jump back to see Twitter updates over the past few months.

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Top Twitter Updates You Need To Know In 2020

October Twitter updated 2020

This month, the latest updates from Twitter included changes that address machine learning limitations and extended context.

Changes are being made to reduce the racist bias in automated image cropping

In September there were problems with automatic cropping of images on Twitter. It became clear that Twitter's image cropping algorithm shows a preview of the white faces by default:

Gosh … any guesses as to why @Twitter only shows the right side of the picture on the phone by default?

– Colin Madland (@colinmadland) September 19, 2020

In response, Twitter publicly announced that work needs to be done to reduce racial prejudice and improve the display of images.

We saw your tweets about the damage done by cropping pictures on Twitter.

Today we're sharing how we test for distortion in our systems and how we want to rely less on auto-cropping and give you more choice when it comes to how images are displayed in Tweets:

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) October 1, 2020

Twitter acknowledged that the way the platform is programmed to automatically crop thumbnails can add to the damage. It was recognized that doing so could reduce the visibility of the number of people using Twitter. In early October, Twitter announced that it was working to limit reliance on machine learning-based image cropping and give Twitter users more control over Twitter image previews.

Going forward, Twitter says, "We hope that being able to give people more choices about cropping images and previewing their appearance in the Tweet Composer can help reduce the risk of damage."

Updates have been made to allow users to carefully review Tweets before retweeting

Starting October 20, worldwide, a new Twitter update was released to encourage users to add their own thoughts and opinions to Tweets.

Source: Twitter for Business

A new Twitter update is now prompting users to quote the tweet. That is, when someone clicks on Retweet, they are taken to the Tweet Composers Quote and asked to enter their own thoughts. The goal of this update is to get more users to consider why they are reinforcing a tweet and then add to that conversation.

There are changes to the "Like" and "Followed by" recommendations

This month it was announced that new Twitter updates would be made to prevent recommendations from people you aren't already following from appearing on your timeline.

On its blog, Twitter explains, "We are removing them because we don't believe the 'Like" button provides sufficient and careful consideration before sending tweets to anyone who does not follow the author of the tweet or the subject of the tweet is about. "

This Twitter update is designed to slow down the speed with which users see Tweets from accounts they don't follow and topics they don't follow. This was also done to encourage thoughtful reinforcement of tweets.

On iOS, users were asked to do more than just read headings

Those using the platform on iOS launched a new Command Prompt this month. If a user tries to retweet an article or story but didn't open the link to read it, they'll see a pop-up question. Twitter will ask if you want to open the link before expanding the content.

We're seeing promising results from this prompt, so we're extending the test to iOS.

Share an article with a retweet or a quote tweet? If you haven't read the article yet, you may be asked if you want to open it first.

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) October 1, 2020

(To learn more about this update and how it originally launched for Android, scroll down to the June 2020 Twitter Updates section of this blog post.)

September Twitter updated 2020

The new Twitter updates this month focused on context, accessibility and security.

Twitter has added more context to Twitter trends

A Twitter update was carried out in early September to give users a better understanding of why the Explore section is trending. According to Twitter, the contextual updates are about giving users more information so they can see for themselves.

The update includes pinned tweets in the trending section. Twitter says the pinned tweets are representative of the trend. They are selected by both Twitter's curation team and algorithms.

The update also added brief descriptions of tweets. According to a post in the Twitter business blog, the descriptions are "clearly related connections, why something is trending".

For example, below is a description of why #GordDownie was trending in Canada in mid-October:

Both updates are designed to help users understand why the trend is being discussed and to add clarity to an ongoing conversation.

Twitter is committed to increasing inclusivity and accessibility

Twitter tested voice tweets this summer. (For more information on voice tweets, see the June 2020 section of this post.)

After testing, however, Twitter says, “… made us realize how much work we still have to do as a company, and we are committed to making Twitter more inclusive for the disabled community and creating a dedicated team focused on better accessibility concentrated. Tools and advocacy for all of our products. "

As a result, Twitter introduced two new teams. The Accessibility Center of Excellence and the Experience Accessibility Team will work to improve accessibility within the corporate structure of Twitter and the social media platform itself.

It is also working on specific Twitter updates regarding inclusivity and accessibility. Twitter is currently working on adding automated subtitles to audio and video titles. This update is expected to be ready in early 2021.

The authentication systems and other security protocols have been improved

Towards the end of September, Twitter announced that it would continue to work on improving security. The September announcement included updates related to stricter reviews with members of the Twitter team, as well as the continuous improvement of internal detection and monitoring tools to alert the company to suspicious activity.

August Twitter updated 2020

New Twitter updates this month are changing the way conversations happen on the social media platform, updating the development experience, and more.

Now users can choose who can reply to their tweets

One of the latest updates from Twitter in August was a change to the conversation on the platform. So far, anyone could reply to someone else's tweet. Now users can choose and change the answer settings themselves.

The Twitter update means a user can choose a setting that anyone can respond with. You can choose to only reply to your followers. Or they can choose to only allow people mentioned in the tweet to reply.

According to Twitter, these updates have helped some users feel more secure, better protected from spam, and have more sensitive conversations.

There are new labels for certain Twitter accounts

As part of an effort to improve context for users, Twitter announced that new labels will be added to two specific types of Twitter accounts.

Twitter users who are key government officials, including ambassadors, spokespersons and foreign ministers, are now tagged with their account. Twitter users who are part of state-affiliated media companies will have their account marked.

Twitter has launched its transparency center

On August 19, Twitter announced that it had rebuilt its bi-annual Twitter transparency reporting page into a new transparency center.

This is a completely new website that gathers all the data published by Twitter. Data is visualized to make it easier to visualize trends. There is also a country comparison tool, tips on the key terms used on the site, and a history of transparency milestones.

Source: Twitter Transparency Center

Twitter has introduced its new API (Application Programming Interface).

The API updates are designed to better serve the developer community. The second generation Twitter API includes updates such as:

  • A redesigned portal for developers with easier onboarding
  • A new support area
  • An updated navigation system and improved landing pages

According to Twitter, the developer experience will continue to improve with new updates.

July Twitter updated 2020

Twitter had a significant security breach this month. As a result, the launch of the improved application programming interface (API) was pushed through July through August.

(Read more about the new Twitter update to the API above.)

June Twitter updated 2020

In June, voice tweets were tested and asked to encourage the opening and reading of links before expanding the content with a retweet.

A notification prompts users to read links before retweeting

A new Twitter update for Android users was released this month. Now users see a popup when they try to retweet an article or story without opening the link to read what's written.

Sharing an article can lead to conversation. You can therefore read it before you tweet it.

To encourage an informed discussion, we're testing a new command prompt for Android. If you retweet an article that you didn't open on Twitter, you might be asked if you want to open it first.

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) June 10, 2020

This prompt can help users read past the headings, get a better picture of a topic, and stimulate a more informed discussion. This Twitter update was extended to iOS in October.

Source: Twitter

Twitter tested tweeting with your voice

On June 17th, Twitter tested a new function to diversify the composition of tweets. Now, in addition to typing your tweet, you can record your voice and speak. You can easily share audio in a tweet.

Open Twitter on your mobile device to send a voice tweet. Then open the composer and click on the purple wavelength icon. Then click the record button and start speaking.

The voice function records 140 seconds of audio. If the message you want to share is longer than 140 seconds, a Twitter thread will be automatically created.

Everyone can see the voice tweets in their timeline, listen to them and reply.

May Twitter updated 2020

This month it just got easier to read other Twitter users' responses to your Tweets. Also, you can now save unfinished tweets directly on the social media platform.

On iOS, you can now see replies to your Tweets in one place

One of the latest Twitter updates this spring makes it easier to read the replies to your Tweets.

In addition to viewing the number of retweets, social media marketers can click Quote Retweets to view all of the written responses.

Don't miss the tweets about your tweet.

On iOS, you can now see retweets with comments in one place.

– Twitter (@Twitter) May 12, 2020

All written answers are now listed in one place. This makes these responses easier to view and interact with – and it could help your brand attract new Twitter followers.

(This Twitter update was originally shown as a retweet with a comment. Twitter updated this to read Quote Retweet in September.)

Schedule and save generated tweets from your desktop

This new Twitter update is useful for marketers who often find that they want to start writing a tweet but want to finish later.

You can now natively save your tweet as a draft. It's similar to Hootsuite, where social media marketers can create tweets and schedule them for publication.

Write your tweet as usual in the composer. To save it as an unfinished and unsent draft, click the cross in the composer's upper left corner as if you were closing the composer. This will open a popup asking if you want to discard the tweet or save it for later.

Click Save and the tweet will be saved under Unsent Tweets. You can find any unsent tweets when you reopen the composer.

In the composer, click the calendar icon to schedule the tweet to be published when it's ready. Then select the day and time you want the tweet to be published.

April Twitter updated 2020

Twitter updates this month have made it easier to manage more than one Twitter account.

UI improvements have been made to make managing multiple Twitter accounts easier

In Twitter's April Release Notes, Twitter announced a new update that will make it easier for social media managers to switch between the different Twitter accounts they manage.

All options for account management and logging out are now in the lower sidebar behind the profile picture.

March Twitter updated 2020

Most of the latest Twitter updates this month were related to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

An events page for COVID-19 only has started

In early March, Twitter expanded the COVID-19 prompt to give users credible information.

Together with our partners, we have expanded our special search request to almost 50 countries. When you come here for information about Covid-19, you will come across credible, authoritative content at the top of your search experience. ????https: //

– Twitter Public Policy (@Policy) March 4, 2020

Another Twitter update included a new COVID-19 events page. This event page will display credible information and updates related to the pandemic.

COVID 19 update page

In addition, in May 2020 Twitter created a tab in the "Explore" section specifically for COVID-19:

COVID-19 Explore tab

Twitter reviews credible health sources and experts

While the Twitter review process is suspended for the general public, Twitter is still reviewing some accounts. This month, Twitter updates focused on reviewing accounts related to the pandemic.

That meant Twitter prioritized screening for Twitter accounts that use an email address associated with an authoritative organization or institution such as a health authority.

PSA on What We Do to Review Twitter Accounts That Provide Credible Updates Around # COVID19: We work with global health officials to identify experts and have reviewed hundreds of accounts already, but there's more to it do and we could use your help.

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) March 21, 2020

February Twitter updated 2020

The latest Twitter updates this month included responding to direct messages, adding alt text to GIFs, and easier-to-follow conversations.

Users can now respond to DMs with emojis

One of the latest updates from Twitter this month was the addition of reactions to direct messages.

Instead of writing a short answer, you can use emojis to respond to the DM your brand received. To add a reaction to a DM, hover your mouse pointer over the heart plus symbol that appears next to the DM. This results in seven emoji options so you can share the reaction that best fits your opinion on the message.

Twitter users can add alt text to GIFs

As of February 2020, you could add alt text to images. Now you can add alt text to GIFs too.

If you're not sure what this means, know that the alt text is just a written description. Alternate text explains what's going on in the GIF or picture. This makes the graphics of your tweet more accessible and helps all users understand the context, especially those with low vision.

Responses to tweet are easier to understand
From this month it will be easier to see entire conversations. You don't just see a response with no context to what the user responded to.

When a user visits another user's profile, their replies are displayed as conversations. With no extra clicks to find context, you can quickly and easily see what that person replied to.

Sport climbing was fascinating in Buenos Aires 2018 ????️! Did you know it's the first time it's on the Olympics at @ Tokyo2020? @IFSClimbing

– Olympic Games (@Olympics) October 14, 2020

January Twitter updated 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the latest update from Twitter was focused on Promoted Trend Spotlight.

Twitter's main commercial is now paired with video

A new type of Twitter ad was introduced this month: Promoted Trend Spotlight.

This type of ad supports videos, GIFs, or static images. The ad always appears at the top of the Browse tab, which is where trending topics and hashtags are displayed. This is a prime place for advertisers to connect with their audience.

Source: Twitter for Business

These ads are shown at the top of the Browse tab for two visits per person per day. After that, the ad moved from the spotlight to the standard sponsored trend placement.

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