Quitters Don't Have To Apply: 7 Methods Your Mindset Can Have an effect on Your Success in Web Advertising

To be successful in the internet marketing industry, it takes dedication and a resilient mindset. Take Isaac Kevelson, one of ClickBank's most recent platinum partners, for example.

Isaac has made remarkably impressive achievements in internet marketing. It is notable not only for his young age (he is 20) but also for his humble attitude. Of course he's talented too. As the youngest platinum customer in ClickBank history, you have to be. But Isaac is sure that anyone can do the same as long as they get into the mindset.

Isaac's first major change in mindset occurred around the time he was entering college. While he realized that a bachelor's degree wasn't the way to go, his parents weren't as confident – especially given Isaac had left campus to focus on growing his internet marketing career.

It was a few years earlier that Isaac's interest in internet marketing began. He was 17 and was just beginning his senior year of high school.

"It was kind of random," said Isaac, "I started to improve and one of the channels I followed posted a video about how to make money on Instagram." I think it inspired me. "

In retrospect, Isaac found that although he was inspired to get started, he had the wrong idea about internet marketing.

“When I started my mindset was that I would get rich quick. I thought things were going to go very quickly. So in retrospect, that wasn't the right view. I decided to make a deal with myself to stick with it as long as possible. "

Isaac's dedication to just sticking with it reflects much of the advice top marketers and CEOs give today. Considering he's not yet 21, it's fair to say he's a little ahead of the game. How does it work? When it comes to internet marketing success, here are its top seven tips:

1. Be obsessed

Being obsessed with your passion is different than just doing more work. Obsession is a level of devotion that goes beyond immediate rewards. When you are thinking of achieving your internet marketing goals, think of time as an investment. Every hour you spend surrounding yourself with your passion means more progress in achieving your goals. Yes – it will be boring, but what is the alternative?

There was none for Isaac. "When I started college, it didn't feel right. It just felt wrong to me. I know I would regret it if I didn't make money all-in online. I made up my mind to drop out, as soon as the first semester was over. "

Basically, when you know that you will regret not choosing to do this, the first way to accelerate your success is to simply invest your time in achieving that goal.

2. The 1% mindset

If you want to be at the top you have to have the top mindset. According to Issac, this mental shift can be key to realizing your potential.

"How many people actually make money online?" he said. "It's probably less than 1%. Really, the only way to be in that 1% is to operate at that level."

This level involved working like crazy towards your goal and not settling for the routine or the expected path. What is related to tip 3.

3. Follow your intuition

If you know you know; you know? Yet so many people dampen their intuition and settle for jobs and careers that don't make them happy. One of the best ways to find out if you are on the right path to personal success is to stop and think about what you really want to do and what your ideal day would be like. Even when you are not on the path you want to go, you can follow your intuition and correct your course. Isaac encourages thinking about what speaks to your personality.

"I went to college indecisively because I didn't notice anything," he said. “Personally, I really like making money online. It's the perfect option for me as I don't want to do just one thing for the rest of my life. I like to do new things all the time and I want the freedom to do that. "

4th Keep it low key

Do you want people to believe you are someone who makes money online, or do you actually want to make money online? Only one of these answers is correct when it comes to success.

This is a good test of all endeavors. From the writer to the travel … the person who gets there spends more time getting the job done than talking about the job. Often times, talking about goals can decrease motivation because it gives a false sense of achievement that can lead to complacency.

"For me, I don't really like to talk about anything until I'm successful at it," said Isaac. "And even then I don't talk about it much outwardly."

5. Expect a mistake

Not only should you expect failure, you should also understand it as a sign that you are on the right track on your path to success. When it comes to internet marketing, Isaac doesn't sugar coat it.

"You can take some hits, you can lose some money, try dozens of things that don't work. All of the things that happened to me. It's really hard. People go along and expect to make money quickly. And when they do don't do it, just give up. "

Isaac encourages people to look at internet marketing like any other skill. If you rule out quitting, you will surely get better at it because of the time you invest in the project.

6th Find a mentor and the right network

While you don't necessarily need a mentor to be successful, Isaac suggests that people who start out find successful people in their field and network with them.

"Become friends with them," he said. “Learn from them instead of trying to figure everything out for yourself. You will get to success much faster.

In addition to mentoring, using the right tools and networks can also fuel your growth. ClickBank was the right choice for Isaac.

“From a partner's point of view, ClickBank was very accommodating.
Said Isaac. "From helping me get faster and better payouts to providing general assistance, they really help me with anything I need."

7th No matter what, don't stop

Ultimately, this is the most important message Isaac wants to hear people.

"If you don't stop, you will eventually succeed. When you have the mindset not to stop, you have the belief system that you can do so and work at the level that is required to get the results you want," said he.

“I was one hundred percent sure that I would be successful. And I think if you have the mindset that you go all in, you can't lose. Because then no matter what, you'll just keep pushing it until things start to work out. If you don't fully believe in yourself, when the going gets tough you will stop. And quitting is the only real mistake. "

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