Reddit particulars moat of Oracle Information Cloud Integration

Reddit began its first visibility measurement collaboration with Oracle Data Cloud's integration of Moat, which enables third-party verification of the platform's ad views.

The server-to-server integrations were designed specifically for Reddit and are currently being tested with a limited number of partners for wider adoption early next year.

Reddit partnered with Oracle Data Cloud in September to take advantage of the Limited Inventory offering, which gives brands "controlled reach" and improved brand security. Oracle Data Cloud's Contextual Intelligence product was used for "an extra layer of third-party filtering".

Brand partners from various industry categories who participated in the Reddit Alpha test of Moat integration reported that the performance of Reddit's native in-feed ads outperformed Moat's in-view rate benchmark by up to 17%.

As part of the integration, Moat will add independent third-party reports to the Reddit dashboard, and advertisers with existing relationships with Moat will be able to access their Reddit data through the Moat dashboard.

Reddit said it will continue to work with Moat to measure visibility for advertisers and expand the partnership to include video views in the coming months.

The platform reported earlier this month that it had an average of 52 million daily active users in October, up 44% from last year.

Jack Koch, Reddit's global director of marketing science, said in a statement, “Third-party verification is an important part of campaign measurement. We want to make sure our advertisers have the tools they need to feel safe and happy with their investment in Reddit. Ad visibility is a fundamental measure of the overall success of campaigns. We are happy to offer our advertisers an extra level of transparency so they can maximize their results. Additionally, we're excited to now review what has long been known: Reddit ads beat industry benchmarks for awareness and reach. "

Mark Kopera, Moat Product Manager, added: “Verified third party measurements are the basis for meaningful campaign reports. We want to help brands of all sizes understand and optimize their advertising spend. Measuring visibility is one of the most requested metrics. We're excited to partner with Reddit again to give the growing advertiser base the clarity and confidence to get the most out of their campaigns. "

Ben Hovaness, Managing Director, Market Intelligence and Innovation at Omnicom Media Group, said, “There is an ongoing need for third party reviews to provide increased control over advertisers in the marketplace. Reddit and Omnicom Media Group share similar perspectives on transparency in terms of reach and awareness. This latest integration is another step in ensuring a safe and effective place for advertiser activation. "

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