Scream Out the Vote; Large Tech Hit with Damning Antitrust Report: Wednesday’s First Issues First

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Scream Remake Doubles as a Get-Out-the-Vote Ad, With 2020 as the Scary Movie

We’re all living the horror movie that is 2020—and there’s one thing we have to do to stop it, according to a Scream-inspired short film: Vote. The short film, which promotes but is unaffiliated with the site, stars Rachel Bonnetta, host of Lock It In on Fox Sports 1 and the Hall of Shame podcast on Crooked Media, and was directed by Mina Park.

Watch: The two-minute “horror” flick, which was made at home with minimal resources, is a call to action.

Restaurants Name Items After Celebrities in a Pandemic-Era Play for Young Visitors

Restaurant brands are testing a hypothesis: Consumers who are willing to buy fashion items named after celebrities might be interested in buying similarly labeled menu items. It’s not exactly a new theory, as the 1992 McJordan is still popular among YouTubers, but the strategy is gaining more traction today. Dunkin’ has The Charli after Charli D’Amelio. McDonald’s has two new meals named after rapper Travis Scott and Latin pop star J Balvin. Delivery-only restaurant marketplace Nextbite developed a new concept in partnership with Wiz Khalifa. The goal, especially amid the pandemic, is for restaurants to draw in more—and younger—people through name recognition.

Inside the strategy and results: It turns out consumers will try almost anything with a famous name attached to it.

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Eskimo Pie Changes Its Name to Edy’s Pie to Better Reflect Its Brand Values

In an effort to distance itself from the culturally problematic term “eskimo,” the ice cream brand long known as Eskimo Pie is changing its name to Edy’s Pie after brand founder and candy maker Joseph Edy. The new packaging, which will still feature snow-capped mountains but will not show the child modeled after indigenous people of the Arctic regions, will debut in early 2021.

Learn about the origins of the brand and others that have chosen new names and mascots in a time when companies seek to address racial justice concerns.

Legislators Slam Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google for Abusing Market Power

A new report from the House Judiciary Committee’s Antitrust Subcommittee dealt a damning blow to Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook, declaring that they have abused their market power and that the problem calls for government intervention. The report says that what were formerly “scrappy, underdog startups… have become the kinds of monopolies we last saw in the era of oil barons and railroad tycoons.” That includes anticompetitive behavior including threats to “acquire, copy, or kill” nascent firms. 

Inside the report: Dig into the accusations against each of these major tech companies.

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