Snapchat Extends Present Up Marketing campaign With Nationwide TV Spot Throughout Presidential Debate

Snapchat is taking to the airwaves, airing a spot on national television and across select markets in the U.S. during the first presidential candidates’ debate Tuesday night.

The spot is part of nonpartisan, multi-week public awareness effort Show Up, which also featured public-service announcements starring former President Barack Obama earlier this month.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging first-time and younger voters to register to vote, learn about the issues and candidates, and ensure that they cast their votes, either in-person or by mail.

The spot will run during Tuesday night’s debate on national networks including CBS, CNN, Fox and Fox News, as well as in select local markets.

It was developed by Snap Inc.’s internal creative team and produced by Los York.

Snap cited research it commissioned earlier this year from Morning Consult, which found that the Snapchat Generation is more likely to get news about politics from friends and family, and that the same group is more than twice as likely to say friends and family are a top reason motivating them to vote.

The company also released research from Circle/Tufts last week, indicating that 85% of Generation Z respondents believe young people have the power to change the country and 82% feel that the pandemic made them realize the impact of decisions by political leaders on the everyday lives of people.

Snap said Snapchat reaches more people between the ages of 13 and 24 in the U.S. than Facebook, Instagram and Messenger From Facebook combined, and 80% of the 100 million Snapchatters in the U.S. are of voting age, 18 or older.

Snapchat has already helped over 916,000 people register to vote during this election cycle through its suite of mobile voter registration tools.

For the 2018 midterm elections in the U.S., Snapchat helped over 450,000 users register to vote, with 57% of them actually following through and going to the polls.



Chief marketing officer: Kenny Mitchell

Global creative director: Leo Macias

Senior brand marketing manager: Jill Kinney

Senior creative lead: M.J. McCallum

Lead brand designer: Abe Vizcarra

Brand designer: Jules McLean

Lead language designer: Brian Lee

Language designer: Adam Rotstein

Senior media planning and strategy manager: Karlo Cordova

Senior strategy and planning manager: Ellis Hamburger

Social media manager: Kiyome Okikawa

Social media strategist: Diamond Jones

Head of production: Tim Newfang

Producer: Jeff Holiday

Project manager: Justin Mersinger

Creative intern: Assetou Cherif

Los York:

Executive creative directors: Seth Epstein, Scott Hidinger

Executive producer/accounts: Melina Osornio

Executive producer: Leticia Gurjao

Head of production: Mariel Sands

Senior producer: Jake Hibler

Chief financial officer: Melissa Redondo

Talent coordinator: Jade Fuller

System engineer: Sid Bedi

Editors: Robert “Chip” Sneed, Lin Wilde

Designers: Josh Kopeika, Marina Murad, Jaime Van Wart

Animators: Adam Linden, Christian Palma

Los York live action:

Directors: Dane Del Deo, Mikayla Gamble

Executive producer: Leticia Gurjao

Line producer: Scott Ludden

Olio Creative:

Colorist: Marshall Plante

Executive producer: Natalie Westerfield


Mixer: Daniel Hart

Creative director: Scott Glenn

Head of production: Caroline O’Sullivan

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