Snapchat needs to place the highlight on a few of the four billion snaps it sees day by day

Over 4 billion snaps are created every day, and Snapchat Monday unveiled a destination on its Spotlight platform where the best of these snaps can make money for the people behind them, whether they are professional developers or just regular users.

Spotlight launches in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the UK and the US on Monday. Further markets will be available shortly.

Access is via the fifth tab to the right of the navigation bar of the action bar, which was presented at the Snap Partner Summit in June. This tab was previously used for overflow from the application's Discover content platform.

Snapchatters can share Snaps they create with Spotlight. The platform's algorithms display the snaps that users are most likely to entertain based on their preferences and favorites.

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Not only will viewers get the chance to see the best user-generated content that they might not otherwise have come across, but they can also get a share of around $ 1 million per day, which Snapchat gives away year-round. The End.

A proprietary formula determines each day's recipients based on the total number of unique views for their snaps compared to the performance of other snaps that day. Snaps stay in the mix for 28 days after submission, so their creators can be awarded more than once. Snapchatters must be 16 or over to qualify.

Snapshots submitted to Spotlight must meet all of the platform's guidelines in order to receive payouts. At least in the early stages of the feature's existence, openly political content will not be accepted. As elsewhere on Snapchat, misinformation is not allowed.

All publicly shared user-generated content is moderated before it is fully expanded to ensure it does not contain bullying, harm, harassment, hate speech, impersonation, sexually explicit or violent content.

Snap announced that Snapchatters will be notified within a week if their Snaps are deemed eligible.

The platform has also taken steps to ensure the privacy and safety of users who choose to participate in Spotlight.

Snaps are displayed with no information about the users submitting them. As a result, Snapchatters browsing the content will not be able to tell who is behind it or contact them. And there are no public comments on Spotlight.

All content featured in Spotlight is human moderated, and users only see Snaps that are appropriate for their age group. Public profiles will be age-dependent for Snapchatters 18 and older to eliminate the risk of strangers finding younger users through Spotlight.

Users under 18 can't send direct replies, and Snapchatters can moderate the direct replies they receive by adding custom lists of words they don't want to see.

No ads will appear on Spotlight in the initial stages, but Snap hasn't ruled out rolling out in the coming months. Brands have control over placement, which means they can run their ads in Spotlight, but ads won't be automatically placed in the section.

When Snap ads come to Spotlight, they'll appear like the rest of the platform: full-screen and with no public comments.

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