SoundCloud introduces integration with Snapchat

SoundCloud audio platform revealed an upcoming integration with Facebook Stories and introduced Snapchat Tuesday, a previously announced integration that allows SoundCloud albums, artist profiles, playlists and tracks to be shared with these platforms.


SoundCloud users with the latest version of the application can find the album, artist profile, playlist or track they want to share, tap the share icon, and go to either the Facebook (once the integration is live) or the Snapchat Tap the icon or share it on Facebook or select Share with Snapchat, depending on your device.

Captions or SoundCloud Giphy stickers can be added before the post is shared on Facebook Stories or Snapchat.

SoundCloud wrote in a blog post, "If you are a creator, you can easily share your reach on Snapchat or Facebook Stories to expand your reach and build on your existing brand." And if you love discovering new music, be the first on your crew to write about the songs you are obsessed with – and get everyone else hooked too. You can also create unique playlists in SoundCloud and share your latest finds with your followers. "

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