The Halloween dialog begins early on Tumblr amid the pandemic

Covid-19 ensures this Halloween will be very different, but that hasn't stopped Tumblr users from thinking of October 31st as early as July 1st.

According to Tumblr, engagement (posts, rounds, and likes) for posts with the hashtag #Halloween increased 891% on July 1st compared to June 1st, while that increase for the hashtag #October was 478% over the same period.

October is #Hauntober on Tumblr as the platform has a different theme each day of the month for users to share related content.

The Skeleton War Tag saw engagements jump 1980% from June 23 to July 23. It refers to an annual event where users post content related to a fictional skeletal conflict before Halloween, including art, memes, and pictures.

And Autumn Day saw exposures jump 508% from September 1st to October 1st. Tumblr attributed this to the Autumn Cozy Aesthetic, which grew out of the cottagecore trend created at the beginning of the pandemic, adding that the focus is on finding peace and quiet in cooler weather.

Topics shared include cozy home decor, outdoor activities, and a landscape of orange leaves.

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