This AI brand generator creates random branding designs for small enterprise

A UK-based website building platform uses a cutting-edge form of machine learning to provide inspiration for potential logos for small businesses.

Zyro recently launched an AI logo generator that is trained on thousands of actual branding emblems and can instantly create pages of potential branded graphics from scratch. While the results are often crude or nonsensical, the tool is one of the first attempts to use the neural network format that spawned a thriving AI art scene – Generative Adversarial Networks (GANS) – in this way for corporate purposes.

The tool allows users to choose a basic design from pages with AI-generated images and then customize the color and exact shape. As with many generative AI, much of its output tends to appear slightly skewed, but it can serve as a potential inspiration for companies in the idea phase of their graphical identity.

The generator can instantly create an infinite number of designs.ZyroUsers can customize the color of the selected design.ZyroUsers can also customize the shape.Zyro

The feature compliments other similar tools Zyro developed for small businesses using cutting edge AI innovations. The website builder previously released a company name and slogan generator that Adweek had fun with on Twitter and a tool that spits out random web copies for a specific type of business. Both tools use the massive speech generator of the OpenAI research group, GPT-2, as the backbone.

"While artificial intelligence has long been used in marketing, we now see the potential to help marketers with the most creative aspects of their jobs – including the design process," said Tomas Rasymas, head of AI at Zyro.

The tool can also help businesses avoid potential trademark or copyright issues, much like a tool video editing platform recently created by PicsArt that uses AI to generate royalty-free background music for videos.

"Our new AI logo maker not only helps brands create their own logo for free without the need for design assistance, but also ensures that those logos are unique and fresh – and helps brands stand out from the crowd" so Rasymas said.

While GANs find a lot of use in creating AI art, brands are only just beginning to explore how they could be used for more commercial purposes. For example, Twitch has experimented with using the AI ​​format to automatically create emojis, while eBay and Amazon have explored its potential for enhancing product listing images.

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