TikTok Phenom Nathan Apodaca stars in David Guetta, Morten remix of "Goals"

What's next for surprising TikTok viral star Nathan Apodaca of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry and Fleetwood Mac "Dreams"? A leading role in the video for the remix of "Dreams" by David Guetta and Morten with Lanie Gardner.

The video, released on Friday, complements Apodaca's train with a seemingly innocuous TikTok video he posted on September 25 driving to work because of a broken car, drinking cran raspberry juice and watching "Dreams" signed.

Apodaca's video exploded on TikTok, and Ocean Spray surprised him in October with a new cranberry-red pickup truck, followed by a case of cran-tropical juice in November that also included honeymoon tickets for the recently engaged Apodaca and his fiancée to a tropical Destination of choice of couple.

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