Vote for the highest advertisements 2020. 2021 Advertising Traits to Watch: The First on Tuesday

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The moldy whopper. The split-screen masterpiece from Nike. Ocean Spray uses Nathan Apodaca's viral TikTok. Nineteen eighty Fortnite. These iconic brand moments are among those that defined marketing in 2020 – but which ones do you think have had the biggest impact? For the next few weeks, you will find daily # AdOfTheYear polls on Twitter and Instagram to determine the Reader & # 39; s Choice winner.

Check out the full list of candidates here and learn how, where and when to vote.

The change is likely to continue rapidly in the coming year. Sky Zone CMO Josh Cole took a look at the trends and issues marketers need to watch out for in 2021. One focus is on new customer behavior, which will last for the next year (and beyond) and beyond. What expectations for 2020 could become less important over time? For example, will “ghost kitchens” continue to be a bigger part of this new normal – and how does advertising have to adapt?

Also on the horizon: Marketers can expect more customization on social justice issues, a future without cookies, and much more.

Back in October, Motel 6 sparked a wave of backlash against The Richards Group when it fired the agency in response to a racist comment from founder Stan Richards. The moment prompted many other high profile clients, including Keurig Dr. Pepper, The Salvation Army, and The Home Depot also dropped the agency, causing Richards to leave. Now, after a review, Motel 6 has found a new Kansas City agency, Indie Barkley.

A continued shift: The move also takes place after internal restructuring in Motel 6.

Connected: Chicago-based agency Highdive has been named the agency of auto insurance company The General and selected as the creative agency of records by candy brand Airheads.

Ajit Pai, who has been chairman of the FCC since 2017, announced that he will step down at Joe Biden's inauguration. In this role, Pai campaigned extensively for deregulation, overseeing the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, and resetting the net neutrality rules set during the Obama administration. He was also implicated in Trump's ineffective efforts to get the FCC to monitor social media platforms after the president claimed they tended to censor public figures by party line.

Here's what Pai's departure means for marketers.

Music, radio and the auto industry have been closely linked for more than half a century. Now that connection is evolving as brands like Hyundai, Cadillac, and Ford target consumer ears with more audio advertising for streaming services and podcasts. These campaigns have been crafted with partnerships that deliver microsites, custom playlists, personalized videos and audio ads, and more.

Strive for millennials: Learn how Spotify and Volkswagen created an immersive 3D audio experience.

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