What does a Biden future appear to be? Are Psychedelics the New Hashish ?: First issues first on Friday

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We're still waiting for the final battlefield nation results in the 2020 election, but Joe Biden's position is strengthening – meaning it is time for the industry to ponder the implications of a Biden administration, if it hasn't already. In order to lend a hand, Adweek developed an introduction to what to expect from the currently most intensely discussed questions of technology policy. For example, a Biden presidency would likely not materially change the course of the Justice Department's antitrust lawsuit against Google – and antitrust efforts against key players in Big Tech could continue to grow. On social media, legislative action related to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act could continue to be a factor among Biden.

What's next? Learn how the potential Biden administration would deal with net neutrality, data protection laws, and Chinese technology.

The presidential campaigns are over, but the fundraising emails keep coming back, with a new language asking people to donate in the face of potentially long litigation and voting reports. The Trump campaign has maintained its high frequency and aggression strategy with shock value subject lines, while Biden asked for donations to the Biden Fight Fund to ensure every vote is counted.

Will it work? We asked the experts about the strategies – and if they think the new news will inspire more donations.

Also in election updates for marketers:

Despite the massive impact the elections have had on many facets of American life, branding strategy may not change that much. After all, the marketing world has got used to the uncertainty amid the pandemic.

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Now that Oregon is the first US state to legalize psychedelics, many are pondering whether hallucinogens could go down the same path as cannabis has in recent years. Mushrooms are unlikely to be sold in pharmacies anytime soon, but cannabis has found a route to legal recreational drug use, and it's certainly a cultural shift: Americans are increasingly open to decriminalization and legalization across the board.

How brands and pop culture lean on: Dr. Bronner is known to have supported efforts to legalize and decriminalize drugs.

An exclusive survey of 70 brand marketers conducted by Adweek Intelligence looked at how brands rate their agencies' performance during the pandemic and how this could affect budgets in 2021. Though agencies have exceptional lynchpin to help clients address their challenges, the survey found that nearly 40% of brands will be looking for a new agency in 2021. Of course, this may not be solely due to the agencies' performance – in fact, brands have spoken positively about agencies – but due to other factors in the relationship or wider environment that have been exacerbated by the crisis.

Further results: These charts show how brands believe agencies have performed, what brands expect from agencies, and more.

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