WhatsApp provides background choices and improves sticker search

Starting this week, WhatsApp has released detailed new features: improvements to background images, a new way to search for stickers and the introduction of the World Health Organization's Together at Home sticker pack as an animated sticker pack.

Facebook's own messaging application introduced custom chat backgrounds that allow users to personalize and personalize their chats.


WhatsApps doodle wallpapers will be available in additional colors.


There are many new wallpapers available in the Bright and Dark albums that represent "new, diverse and iconic images of nature and architecture from around the world, as well as eye-catching new designs."

Whatsapp Whatsapp

WhatsApp users can now set a separate wallpaper in dark mode.

A new sticker search feature allows users to search and find stickers by text and emoji, or browse general categories. WhatsApp said, “At the start of the introduction, we encourage sticker makers to add emojis and text to their stickers. This makes them easier to search for for WhatsApp users. "

Finally, in the animated version of Together at Home, WhatsApp said: "Together at Home was one of the most popular sticker packs in WhatsApp and is now even more expressive and useful in its animated form."

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