Why Fox Sports activities is inserting a billboard for North Carolina followers within the Duke Territory

Just over 11 miles separate Chapel Hill and Durham, NC, home to fierce basketball rivals of the University of North Carolina and Duke University, respectively. While the flames of this rivalry hardly need fueling, a new billboard in Durham can do just that.

Fox Sports encouraged college basketball fans to vote on Twitter last spring to see which team had the best following in the sport. The winner received a billboard on the territory of his rival.

Tar Heel Nation did a great job with North Carolina leading the vote and leading to the Durham billboard, unveiled this week and retained by the Tarheels visit to Duke on February 6th.

The idea came from Mark Titus, a former employee of the Ohio State University basketball team who currently co-hosts the podcasts The People & # 39; s Sports Podcast and Titus & Tate.

"The idea came when March Madness was canceled," Titus told Adweek. "We all looked at each other and said, 'Now what? "We had built around March and never had the climatic excitement of the competition."

Titus said college hoops fans were initially lukewarm to the idea, but interest grew, adding, "The same people who said," This is stupid, "said," We have to win this. "

When North Carolina emerged victorious, Titus & Tate co-host Tate Frazier's mom suggested a location for the billboard near the residence of Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, but it ended up in a different location.

The billboard was "a symbol of putting a flag on your opponent's territory," Titus told Adweek. “The gesture is as old as time. The biggest "FU" for your rival was conquering his territory and placing your flag on his territory. The modern version was a billboard. We wanted the loser to get away with it. "

This is the second run of the poster for Fox Sports after the National Football League Buffalo Bills salute last December in Foxborough, Massachusetts, home of rival New England Patriots.

ESPN also turned to social media to connect with college sports fans, with an emphasis on the rust rather than the hardwood.

ESPN used crowdsourcing social media to identify 140 of the biggest college football fans of the past season, including top engagers for its social traits and college game day virtual fans.

Select fans received premium gift boxes of loot, including baseball caps, cameras, and headphones, and a select group received special social greetings from the network's college football talent, including Rece Davis, Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard, David Pollack and Laura Rutledge and Maria Taylor.

ESPN shared this tweet with some of the winners' reactions and unboxing moments.

A special thank you from @ESPNCFB to those who make the game so special – the FANS! – and a gift of appreciation to some of the most passionate who have kept traditions alive no matter what pic.twitter.com/ZH1wfykfbU

– ESPN PR (@ESPNPR) January 11, 2021

The network broadcast the following course on the Monday night before the College Football Playoff National Championship game to thank the college football community for coming together despite all the challenges this season due to Covid-19.

Emeka Ofodile, ESPN's vice president of sports marketing, said in a statement: “We always knew college football fans were passionate about football, but this season really showed how deep it goes. No matter the circumstances, fans came to support their team and college football. It's worth celebrating and showing appreciation for how much fans contribute to this game. "

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